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  • Trimo Facade and Walls
    Trimo Facade and Walls
    IQ Facade / Trimo

    Trimo Facade and Walls - the unique and functional solutions for the most modern architectural concepts.

  • Sandwich Panel Trimoterm Design C
    Sandwich Panel Trimoterm Design C

    Trimoterm Design C - a special sandwich panel, which is cleaned of dust and dirt with rain water. Thus, the building always keeps striking appearance, but maintenance costs are reduced.

  • Wall sandwich panels with hidden fixing TRIMOTERM INVISIO
    Wall sandwich panels with hidden fixing TRIMOTERM INVISIO

    Fireproof FTV INVISIO façade panels are installed using an invisible fixing method and are suitable for vertical façade installations. It provides excellent technical characteristics, a long life span and a great amount of creativity in façade design.

  • Qbiss One modular façade system
    Qbiss One modular façade system

    Qbiss One is a sophisticated, cost-effective modular façade system that offers a true alternative to conventional rainscreen, with many integrated benefits yet without compromising the aesthetics or performance.

  • ArtMe Facade Design
    ArtMe Facade Design
    IQ Facade / Trimo

    A unique technology for applying various drawings to the surface of the facade. With ArtMe you will give your façade an original look. When installing the panel, the polymer coating is not damaged. Technology finds its use both in residential and industrial, public facilities.

  • Qbiss One Facade elements
    Qbiss One Facade elements
    IQ Facade / Trimo

    The facade element of the Qbiss One system is a complete integrated solution that replaces prefabricated facade systems. The main facade element is manufactured using a robotic and automated process.

  • Qbiss Windows
    Qbiss Windows
    IQ Facade / Trimo

    The modular faсade Qbiss One system also includes original integrated high-quality window modules. The company has developed several variants of modules: with visible seams, with hidden seams, top or bottom seams.

  • Design Services
    Design Services
    IQ Facade / Trimo

    The Trimo Rus company offers services for the design of architectural structures using the products of the Trimo company. We will offer the most functional and economical solutions when discussing at the project development stage. In the design development architects, engineers, mechanics, static experts are involved.

  • Installation and operation
    Installation and operation
    IQ Facade / Trimo

    The Trimo company also provides installation services for our customers. You will receive detailed instructions and installation drawings, installation instructions, necessary equipment. A fast, safe and efficient installation is facilitated by specially designed technical equipment.

  • Trimoterm Sound Acoustic Panels
    Trimoterm Sound Acoustic Panels
    IQ Facade / Trimo

    Among the whole variety of panels of the Trimocompany there is a special product - acoustic Trimoterm Sound panels. They provide exceptional protection against noise, comfortable staying inside people. This acoustic panels have an excellent sound-absorbing properties.