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  • Острог из рубленного бревна в Коломенском парке
    Острог из рубленного бревна в Коломенском парке

    Острог в натуральную величину был возведен нашей компанией за две недели в рамках фестиваля «Времена и эпохи. Собрание» в Коломенском парке в августе 2017 года. Проект интересен всем: и своей исторической значимостью, и сложностью исполнения, и условиями сборки, и, конечно, своей атмосферой.

  • Techno-resurs Two-storey house
    Techno-resurs Two-storey house

    The house is two-storey with a blockhouse finish. Perhaps a phased interior decoration, completion of the terrace and balcony or loggia.

  • Melissa 130
    Melissa 130

    Modern villa with panoramic façade. First floor living room with kitchen, with a covered terrace, two small bedrooms and a sauna. In the attic there are two comfortable beds with a beautiful view from the window.

  • Project Juhani
    Project Juhani

    JUHANI project built in the city Alajarvi (Finland) is an exhibition house Finnlamelli Oy factory.

  • Rabbet
    North Timber

    Rabbet is made of an eaves board of conifers and it passes through kiln drying. Dry board is planed at 4 sides and on the rib there is a special tongue - groove installation systems. While laying tongue is attached to groove, what gives an additional strength to the surface.

  • Beadboard/ tongue-grove siding
    Beadboard/ tongue-grove siding
    North Timber

    Beadboard - it's planed dry board, which has tongue- groove bus. Standard parameters of beadboard ( Euro siding): Thickness:12,5 мм. Width: 96 мм. Actual width:88 мм. Length:1,5м, 1,8м, 1,9м, 2,0м, 2,1м, 2,4м, 2,5м, 2,7м, 3,0м, 3,3м, 3,6м, 3,9м. Wrapping: stretch wrap Number of boards in package:10 pcs. Moisture:12-16 % Production and packaging of material meets the Russian State Standard and DIN.

  • Children's House "My Joy"
    Children's House "My Joy"

    Children - it is our happiness, our pride and the meaning of life. From their birth, we choose for them all the best, safest and most beautiful.

  • Mobile bath "Extra"
    Mobile bath "Extra"

    At the moment this is the most significant project in the line of TopsHause Mobile baths. Bath "Extra" is the most multifunctional bath in this line.

  • Duplex type Country house "Olli"
    Duplex type Country house "Olli"

    Duplex type Country house "Olli" designed with the current trend of modern contry houses.Large windows across the facade and "second light" helped to create large and bright living room with access to covered terrace without fences.Large logs size allows grading large home size.

  • Planed logs steam baths "Bazhen"
    Planed logs steam baths "Bazhen"

    The project steam baths "Bazhen" developed under the hand cutting of planed logs. The project provided a podium in front of a steam bath for summer use, a fireplace room with the second light and the balcony.

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