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  • Facades

    The time of standardized buildings and facades are gone. Currently, there is a need to create objects that are diverse in terms of design and technical properties.

  • Facades

    The carte-de- visite of each building is its facade. Finishing of facades with natural stone fashions the building’s unique look and allows to increase its service wear term to its utmost as well as to exclude facade renovation and maintenance expenditures completely. It is highly important to entrust this task to professionals who have knowledge of stone and the required experience.

  • Facades
    Quinta Metalica

    All Quinta Metálica® facades are built by installing several layers of different materials on top of each other, where each layer has its own particular function. If we start from the outside, moving inwards, we have the following generic layers.

  • Facades

    The hinged effective ventilated front system with the fixed air gap

  • Ventilated Facades
    Ventilated Facades

    KRAMOS group of companies provides services of design, manufacturing , supply, installation and finishing hinged facade system with an air gap.

  • Facades Manufacturing
    Facades Manufacturing

    Deutsche Fassaden Technologien Subsidiary.

  • AluDesign
    Euramax Coated Products

    AluDesign offers fully customized façade designs. It consists of a multi-layer digital print coating that shows up a phenomenal contrast and design depth, enabling freedom of design.

  • Agora

    Viewing buildings from above has become increasingly common in recent times. Beside the possibilities offered by satellite imagery websites, architecture often combines higher and lower volumes, with the lower building’s roof viewed as a façade from the the taller building. The concept of the roof as a “fifth façade”, first introduced by the architect Le Corbusier, is now more relevant than ever.

  • Green Roofs
    Green Roofs

    The lack of green areas in towns and cities not only creates a negative aesthetic and social impact, it also helps to increase the air temperature through what is known as the “Urban Heat Island” (UHI) effect. Thermal imaging shows us that built-up areas absorb more sunlight than vegetated areas, acting like a heat storage unit.

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