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  • Assembling

    Experts of the company embodies the most complex design solutions into practice.

  • Supply and sale of facade systems Alsecco
    Supply and sale of facade systems Alsecco
    Skytech Facade

    Company alsecco is a subsidiary of the German company DAW (Deutsche Amphibolin Werke) has more than 50 years of experience with facades. The exclusive distributor of these products on the territory of Kazakhstan is the company Skytech Facade.

  • Installation and operation
    Installation and operation
    IQ Facade / Trimo

    The Trimo company also provides installation services for our customers. You will receive detailed instructions and installation drawings, installation instructions, necessary equipment. A fast, safe and efficient installation is facilitated by specially designed technical equipment.

  • VRU-1M Cabinet
    VRU-1M Cabinet

    VRU-1 distribution cabinets are used for assembling electrical panels.

  • Floors

    Perfectly fit for gardens, villas and squares. Supplied with evidence of saw cut. Easy and quick assembling.

  • Retis Ballast Mast
    Retis Ballast Mast

    The mast is a three-meter support structure. The mast is intended for assembling transmitting and receiving devices.

  • Immitation timber
    Immitation timber
    North Timber

    Brick and Log immitation Imitation – it is the finishing material in the form of wooden panels, looks like beadboard, but wider and thicker. For fastening of boards while assembling the installation system tongue-groove is used. If face side is rectangular- it is brick imitation, if semi-circle- log imitation. While assembling it is difficult to distinguish by eye between imitation and natural log or brick. Material- fir or pine.

  • HERCULFORCE H20 Wooden Beams
    HERCULFORCE H20 Wooden Beams

    Column-Curtain formwork system takes place by solid webbed HERCULFORCE H20 timber beams tied to tensile resistant steel walers by the beam clamps that can transmit force to the steel walers, and covering the framed form by plywood.Formed panels are connected to eachother by Waler.

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