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Smart glass PDLC Lumen Market

Smart glass PDLC Lumen Market


Here you will find a description, photos, videos and the price of the smart-glass produced by us - smart glass -based on the monochrome PDLCc film.

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What is the Smart Glass?
Smart Glass - smart glass made based on the monochrome PDLC film. This film is laminated between two glasses, and switches between the two states - transparent and opaque, that's why it is called Smart Glass.

What type of smart-glass are there?
Glass thickness. We produce smart-glass with thickness from 7 to 45mm.
Glass dimensions. Maximum dimensions of smart-glass is 1500*3000mm.
Glass color. White opaque, grey opaque и blue opaque. In the transparent state the glass doesnt have any color.

How does it works?
In order to make it work You just flip a switch or a remote control panel. But if you want to know the principle of work, then we will tell and show. Many believe that the frosted glass, when it is on, but in fact the opposite is true. When the glass off it be in matt as crystals in the film are in a chaotic state. When electricity is supplied to the film from the controller 110 V to control all the crystals are arranged in parallel to each other along the lines of the electric field and become transparent glass.
This company has not uploaded any technical documents yet. Please check back soon.
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