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Swedish designer Jonas Pettersson shares his experience with Moscow colleagues at the trade show WorldBuild Moscow/MosBuild

Swedish designer Jonas Pettersson shares his experience with Moscow colleagues at the trade show WorldBuild Moscow/MosBuild

This year the organisers of the trade show WorldBuild Moscow/MosBuild are seeking not simply to offer expert content to guests, but also to establish a platform for the cooperation of the Russian and international community of architects, interior designers, trade union and young talent.  Trade show visitors and participants can expect a whole range of events on interior design and product design from the Trend Show (workshops, seminars, co-working and other interactive formats), organised jointly with the partners – the magazine Elle Decoration and the agency ARCH//DIALOG. The results of the competition Best Design Project will also be announced. There will be a special zone where installations will be showcased.


The programme will include presentations by Russian designers and also well-known foreign decorators and architects. In different years Christophe Pillet, Pascal Gravaux, Marco Vismara, Nicholas Champkins, Diana Balashova, Boris Uborevich-Borovsky, Sergey Choban have been MosBuild guests.


This time the business programme will include a presentation from Jonas Pettersson, founder of the studio Form Us With Love, which cooperates closely with IKEA. It is with great pleasure that we invite all guests to the trade show to attend this master class and share their experience with one of Sweden’s best-known designers. Meanwhile we met Jonas and discussed the special creative and discussion design platform PROTOTYPA, ecodesign and the key role of strategic planning in design.


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The PROTOTYPA project – this is a hybrid format of a presentation specially developed by the studio Form Us With Love, which involves the audience’s complete immersion during the development, testing and discussion of different products. Invited designers, representatives of construction and other industries, listeners who are involved professionally in design or work in completely different areas, gather around a big table with prototypes and details and chat with the curators of the project, which can often lead to fairly “painful” disputes, as the participants put it. All the guests effectively assume responsibility and participate proactively in the development of the project. Participation in such “prototyping” of a product enables the guests to study the fundamental principles of Swedish design, which is based on a democratic approach, is always focused on the needs of the end consumer, and seeks the simplest and most effective solutions. “Prototyping”, in other words, product testing, continues until it is practically finished from the perspective of ergonomics and effectiveness. 


Jonas, could you describe in more detail your platform Prototypa that you position as “a perpetual discussion supporting mutual relations and designers through a special creative process in design – “prototyping”. How does this platform actually work?

We believe in prototyping, in other words, testing a product again and again until the optimal solution has been found for production, and we believe that such a working method must be developed. We also believe in knowledge sharing. All these aspects in aggregate compelled us to found Prototypa as a special platform.  We invite other creative individuals to the platform to share their knowledge on “prototyping”. Other guests include the world’s best designers, the representatives of such companies and associations as Teenage Engineering, Scania, Wingårdhs Architects, Bolon and Beckmans College of Design. All the invited guests gather around a big table and demonstrate their prototypes, get an opportunity to end up “behind the scenes”, become acquainted with well-informed individuals and participate in dialogue. A series of events in this format were held in 2017. And everything started with a fairly small meeting in our Stockholm studio. We continued in Milan and were subsequently invited to participate in the exhibition Design Frontiers in Somerset House during the Design Festival in London. 


© http://www.formuswithlove.se/


What are the underlying traits of the Swedish character, world outlook, nature and social structure driving the propensity of designers to develop ecodesign? 


Culture and industry are the main drivers of design. I believe that we were fortunate in Sweden and also that we are strong in both areas. Our culture relies on democracy, and this means that Swedish designers are seeking to bring real and useful changes for numerous people.  In addition, we have natural resources that have a strong impact on the quality of the products. In general, however, ecodesign is only a word. Therefore we always need to make an effort in order to create the best future. As designers, we seek to clarify what is in demand on the market and combine this with opportunities within industry. Moreover, design is always the result of a predefined strategy. We research daily challenges, find the problems that need to be resolved and draw up the appropriate strategy. When design is combined with strategic planning, our work achieves real positive change.


Could you transform an individual, who is indifferent to ecodesign, into a strong advocate, using only three sentences? 


Yes, I would say: “Imagine that you spent the remainder of your life in a greenhouse. In the end, your constant consumption will lay waste to the resources, while the greenhouse effect will still increase. Do you really want to live such a life?”


Photo © http://www.formuswithlove.se


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