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Acoustic Wood Wool Cement Boards: excellent sound insulation and fire-resistance.

Acoustic Wood Wool Cement Boards: excellent sound insulation and fire-resistance.


Standing by the waterfall, we enjoy the deafening sound of falling water, despite the fact that the noise level can reach 100 decibels, while the optimum volume for a person is 35-60 decibels. In the pool, gymnasium, office, home, the same level of noise will cause irritation and fatigue. For sure, one of the key aspects that affect the comfort of the room is acoustics. A comfortable and favorable acoustic atmosphere can be achieved by using acoustic panels that have excellent sound absorption.


Acoustic boards are made of various materials, for example from long wood fibers. Because during manufacturing these wood fibers are mixed with cement, Acoustic Wood Wool Cement Boards have, in addition to their excellent sound-absorbing properties, excellent fireproof properties and are environmentally friendly. Wood Wool Cement Boards do not emit any harmful substances into the atmosphere neither during production nor during usage.


Production line for manufacturing wood wool cement boards. Photo provided by Eltomation


Many realized projects in Russia and abroad can demonstrate examples of acoustic board applications. Possibilities of using the Acoustic Wood Wool Cement Boards are various: due to the extensive color range and structural variability the acoustic boards allow creating modern unique interiors in different types of buildings.


Acoustic boards can be attached to ceilings and walls in the offices, shooting galleries, assembly halls, cinemas, recording studios, clubs, restaurants, gyms, libraries, educational institutions and schools.


Acoustic Wood Wool Cement boards can be painted in any RAL color. It is also possible to apply a pattern.


Acoustic boards in the Atlantis Club, Novosibirsk, photo provided by Eltomation


Because Wood Wool Cement is moisture-resistant and is not impacted by fungus and mold, Acoustic Wood Wool Cement Boards can easily be used even in damp areas, such as swimming pools.


Swimming pool in the recreation center Eura, located in the western part of Finland. Photo provided by Eltomation 


Acoustic Wood Wool Cement Boards are produced on modern fully automated equipment supplied by Eltomation B.V., the Netherlands, which allows to produce high quality products at high plant output. The WWCB Plant also allows to produce other types of Wood Wool Cement Boards: standard boards used mainly for construction purposes, reinforced Roofing Wood Wool Cement Boards, as well as sandwich boards with an insulating core sheet (such as rockwool or XPS). Eltomation also offers a Large Wood Wool Cement Wall Element Plant for the production of large wall elements of up to 6 m x 3 m x 40 cm thickness. Large Wood Wool Cement Wall Elements allow quick installation of environmentally friendly houses, low-rise as well as high-rise buildings practically in any bearing frame construction system. A Combined WWCB Plant and LE Plant allows to produce all materials for prefab eco-friendly houses.



Currently in Russia there is one plant for the production of Wood Wool Cement Boards in the Vladimir region, which successfully produces GreenBoard. The second production line in the north-western region of Russia is currently being installed in Cherepovets. This modern fully automated line will produce up to 4200 m² of boards per shift and is equipped with machines for the final processing of boards, including drying and painting.


WWCB Plant supplied by Eltomation B.V., Cherepovets, Russia


The territorial capabilities of the Russian Federation and the variety of Wood Wool Cement products manufactured on the equipment supplied by Eltomation B.V. open great opportunities for the installation of Wood Wool Cement Plants in various regions of the Russian Federation.



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