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Wattek launches the ELTEK-2 L boiler

Wattek launches the ELTEK-2 L boiler

Image: Wattek


The ELTEK-2 L, the next generation electric boiler, is Wattek’s latest addition to the boiler market. 


With no pump or expansion tank, the ELTEK-2 L boiler features a well thought out design, extensive functionality, and high reliability.


The boiler has a built-in electricity meter, weekly and daily programming, and climate control with outdoor and indoor temperature sensors. It also operates silently and can be controlled with a mobile phone.


Despite its compact size, the boiler is notable for its diverse functionality. It can be produced in 14 power variants: standard stock includes boilers from 3 kW to 54 kW, while 75 kW and 90 kW can be made to order.


The boiler’s heating elements are made of 0.8 mm steel, and the heating element control mechanism uses TRIACs. This increases the durability of the heating elements and completely eliminates any noise. 


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