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System passport — the new concept regulating the sales culture and quality of windows

System passport — the new concept regulating the sales culture and quality of windows


On 6 September experts from REHAU, AGC and Roto invited representatives from the top window manufacturers to a meeting, where there was a frank discussion of views. At the meeting they talked about the G3 Association and proposed that likeminded companies sharing the professional values of the “big three” join the professional association. The three major representatives of three areas of specialisation in windows (the profile, glass and fittings) signed a memorandum regulating the sales culture and requirements on the quality of products. It is essential that companies communicate to the consumer that even in the low-cost segment their windows are durable, of good quality, environmentally friendly and safe. 



At the meeting they discussed the concept of the system passport. The majority of the participants at the “round table” held that such a passport was required to certify the windows being sold in Russia. The leaders of the G3 have started developing a document where they will spell out five key characteristics. Regarding each issue marks will be awarded to a product based on a unified scale. As a result, the consumer will be able to choose the best window both in terms of characteristics and price. According to Viktor Melikhov, General Director of Roto Frank: “When we talk about a system passport, our goal is popularisation of the idea. The end consumer will understand the attributes of a product and the features that he is ready or not ready to pay extra money for.” Such “passporting” will be voluntary at the discretion of each company, and each product will be assigned a unique identification number. Using this number, consumers will be able to find information on a specific portal. “Certain bad-faith market players offers guarantees for non-existent quality,” notes Andrey Beloedov, Rehau Executive Director for Sales and Marketing. He is supported in this view by Vladimir Shigayev, AGC Class General Director for Eastern Europe: “The consumer should understand where he can appeal if there are any problems.” 


The system passport is not know-how. Similar proposals have been hanging in the air for a long  time. This time it was decided that the information should be stored online. As part of the discussion, the participants announced a new online portal, which will make it easier to order windows, selecting characteristics individually. The goal of the new platform is to unify all the manufacturers in one system and motivate manufacturers to comply with the regulations.


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