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Villa in Italy: works of art, contemporary design and nature

Villa in Italy: works of art, contemporary design and nature


Designer Claudia Pelizzari and architect David Morini were invited to update a villa built in the 1970s in Brescia (Italy). The owners asked them to upgrade the house from the perspective of both technology and comfort and using the newest materials. The owners are also art connoisseurs. Their collection includes both masterpieces from the 17th century and also the works of contemporary artists and sculptors. The collection should fit perfectly with the interior. And they should also make the most of the amazing views from the windows. The owners wanted them to become the background and visual feature of the interior.


Dining area. Photo: © Mattia Aquila, www.pelizzari.com



The designers redesigned the public area, creating a multifunctional space with living room, dining room and kitchen. They placed the library on a cantilevered floor. They split up the functional areas with partitions lined with grey wooden panels. This approach imbued the space with comfort and rendered it more sophisticated. Comfortable areas appeared in the overflow of the first floor for works of art. Other works were placed in the entry to the lobby. 


Lobby and bedroom of the villaPhoto: © Mattia Aquila, www.pelizzari.com


Luxurious materials were used in the project: marble, exotic species of wood and brass. The works of art were surrounded by decorative lighting fixtures. The designers also created a special lighting system here – just as you will find in the best international museums. Meanwhile, thanks to the selection of soft curtains the landscape beyond the window is visible. From the window in the kitchen you can see the monastery on the hill. You can also admire it from the dining room: the kitchen and dining room are only separated by glass doors. 


View from the kitchen. Photo: © Mattia Aquila, www.pelizzari.com


Dining room of the villaPhoto: © Mattia Aquila, www.pelizzari.com



Beauty and convenience co-exist in this private house, while art and nature have become the principal characters, with the design of the area built around them. Elements of contemporary design sit side by side with works of art. The prominence of wood in the finishing is a subtle hint at the love of nature shared by the owners.


Bathroom of the villa. Photo: © Mattia Aquila, www.pelizzari.com


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