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BIM: time for everyone to make the switch! And what is all the fuss about?

BIM: time for everyone to make the switch! And what is all the fuss about?


According to Kirill Varlamov, Director of the Internet Initiatives Development Fund: “If enterprises (whatever they do) are not “digitised”, ten years from now they will no longer exist as a business.” If anyone doesn't believe this to be true – they should simply recall the  gypsy cab drivers who used to hang out in droves outside metro stations. The question is not “to switch” or “not to switch”. The question is how? And where do you start?


For most people BIM (Building information modelling) is synonymous with Revit. To put it lightly, this is definitely not the case. Yes, it is true that at present Autodesk products account for about 70% of the BIM software market – this is the situation in both Moscow and New York.  While this is not a precise calculation, it represents the ballpark figure expressed by a number of experts. However, far from all company planners/designers are ready to just go ahead and invest hundreds of thousands of roubles on one workplace, and undergo the excruciating pain and hassle of the BIM implementation process in order to earn some bonus points and the title of BIM leader. 


Picture from www.caprimm.fr



The software of a number of leading market players in both architectural design and engineering companies remain the sacrosanct bastions of the faith they hold on what they know to tried and tested. Such undisputed leaders on the market for design services as the bureau Meganom, Popov & Architects or Sergey Skuratov Architects are not abandoning their in-house software as they gradually transition to parametric information modelling technology based on Open BIM.


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