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World’s tallest wooden tower proposed for NYC

World’s tallest wooden tower proposed for NYC

New York is no stranger to super-tall buildings. Its iconic skyline is littered with the silhouettes of skyscraper after skyscraper. Now, this picture-perfect vista could be getting a new addition – the world’s tallest wooden structure.


DFA, a studio based in New York City, has proposed a 220-metre tall structure as a brand new addition to the city’s famed Central Park.


Wooden Tower NYC


The temporary Central Park Tower, which so far is purely conceptual, would sit in the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, Central Park’s core water feature. The reservoir, which covers one-eighth of the greenspaces’ area, itself contains a billion gallons of contaminated water. Under DFA’s proposal, the tower would filter the lake to make it safe for use once more.


Materially, DFA’s concept would be built from prefabricated glulam timber. A steel core would be built to improve the tower’s strength. It would also be wrapped in a spiralling exoskeleton, complete with a 17 metre wide viewing platform.


Wooden Tower NYC


DFA is not the first practice to explore wood as the primary material for high-rise construction. Just take a look at these ten wooden skyscrapers projects flying the flag for timber buildings worldwide.


The architects say their creation would “combine architecture, recreation, resiliency, and tourism in a project millions of New Yorkers and visitors would benefit from.”


DFA Dounder Laith Sayigh added: “Aside from supplying water to the pool and Harlem Meer, the reservoir sits stagnant and fenced off due to its current state as a health threat to millions of New Yorkers, tourists, and animals.


“This conceptual project pushes the boundaries of what we perceive is possible in a city as dense, historic, and environmentally vulnerable as ours.”


We are big fans of timber construction here at WorldBuild365 so this project is right up our street. We look forward to seeing if this particular tower can make the leap from concept to reality.


It wouldn’t be the first large-scale wooden building to be built in North America this century. T3 in Minneapolis, an office building, is currently the continent’s biggest mass timber building.

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