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ARKIS architects’ Norwegian energy efficient aquatics centre.

ARKIS architects’ Norwegian energy efficient aquatics centre.

ARKIS architects’ recent project for an aquatics centre in the Norwegian town of Asker serves as a continuation of Holmen beach, offering protection and reinforcement to the natural site. Grass covers the centre’s entire roof, merging the building into the surrounding landscape. Sloping southwards, the green roof with pedestrian pathways offers views of Oslo fjord’s islands and reefs. 

Visitors to the irregular parallelepiped-shaped complex are met by a wide staircase with a wooden trim that matches the exterior. The main entrance, reception, locker rooms and pool are located on the first floor, while a gym, a multifunctional hall, technical rooms, and staff facilities are on the lower level.




The minimalist interior is largely white and the swimming pool has one wall decorated clad in wood. Triangular cut-outs have been inserted into the corners of various spaces, some with translucent screens. Various transparent partitions between rooms are decorated with patterned white stickers. The building’s shape is reflected on the interior, as the ceiling slopes sharply corresponding to the roof’s angle. 



The architects have used the passive house system, ensuring that the building has a minimal impact on the environment.The construction methods, materials..


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