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Interior trends: new developments in the ceramic tile industry

Interior trends: new developments in the ceramic tile industry


Even though interiors are designed as a rule for more than just one year, new trends constantly appear, just like the clothes or footwear that real fashionistas seek to update all the time. What are tile manufacturers proposing this year? The trends of the previous years have been re-evaluated, resulting in a new interpretation. 



Calm subdued tones


The first thing that catches your eye, even from a cursory look at new tile collections of the most recent years, is the rejection of bright colours in favour of soft, subdued, “dusty” hues. However, whereas several years ago dusty, rosy, minty, lavender colours were the must-have fashion item, today virtually all the traditional colours, including brown, green and even white, are now “lightly powdered”. 


Brown, white, green: Basil Ceramic Tile Collection of Unitile


The Basil Ceramic Tile Collection was developed by designers from the Gracia Design studio. The background Basil tile with a light metallic lustre is combined perfectly with the decorative Basil tile with natural motifs. Both relief tiles and smooth tiles are available in the collection.


Basile Ceramic Tile Collection. Photo from graciaceramica.com


In the spirit of Provence: Provans Ceramic Tile Collection of Cersanit 


In the Provans collection the manufacturer also proposes combining a subdued background tile and an accented tile – with colour details. Once again all shades of colour have been whitened and diluted and don't irritate the eye.


Provans Ceramic Tile Collection. Photo from cersanit.ru



The calming influence of antiquity


Structures that have been preserved for centuries look solid and reliable. And that is why any imitation of antiquity evokes a sense of calm, stability and  respectability for the majority of consumers. 


Florentine motifs: Caprice Ceramic Tile Collection of Unitile 


The reddish clay tile — the new Caprice collection is associated specifically with this material. However, the “old” background is decorated with elements of the modern “era of road signs and markings on asphalt”.


Caprice Ceramic Tile Collection. Photo from graciaceramica.com



Patchwork variations


Patchwork is another component of the interior that we all tend to associate with a cosy and warm house. Admittedly these days patchwork is rarely encountered in its traditional form.  At the same time, however, it can be revived thanks to the adoption of a more contemporary look.


Calm range: Cosmo Ceramic Tile Collection of Cersanit


Virtually every shade of grey can be found on one wall in this collection. The hexagons come in different decorations, but don’t look too spotted or ornate thanks to their “monotone” nature. 


Cosmo Ceramic Tile Collection. Photo from cersanit.ru


Illusions and imitations


As a trend illusions and imitations have for a long time permeated the production of different materials, and not just tiles.  However, ceramics arguably provide the most varied palette of semblances: concrete, textile, marble, wood — this is the list of the most frequent imitations.


Mosaic carpet: Hammam Brown Ceramic Tiles of Cersanit 


The tiles bring to mind an oriental carpet with mosaic ornaments and are perfect for bathrooms. They will look particularly effective when combined with single-coloured tiles, which can also be found in the collection. 


Hammam Brown Ceramic Tiles. Photo from cersanit.ru

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