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Moscow architect designs New York’s latest skinny skyscraper

Moscow architect designs New York’s latest skinny skyscraper

Like salads, lattes, and models, skyscrapers these days are getting thinner and thinner. Rather than designing structures both wide and tall, architects seem fixated on creating ultra-thin, ultra-tall towers these days, whether they are for offices, housing, or mixed-use.


In some places, where space is getting harder and harder to find as populations rise and land gets scarcer, tall and thin just makes sense. Take New York. The City That Never Sleeps’ population density is a tight 10,431 people per square kilometre. A bit of a squeeze, no? 


Its conditions like this are why New York’s skyline is set to see several new slinky additions. 18 so-called “super-slenders” are under construction in New York City. Russia studio Meganom is wading into this sector with 262 Fifth Avenue – its first US project.


262 Fifth Avenue


262 Fifth Avenue will ascend 305 metres over New York’s Nomad District, close to Madison Square Park. According to the architects it will be “unlike anything else in New York”.



"A progressive example of forward-thinking and contemporary design, it will include several 'firsts' in terms of its design and environmental sustainability features," is how Meganom has described this sky-piercing tower.


Instead of framing living spaces around a central core, Meganom has moved its usual components, i.e. lifts and stairs, down one of 262 Fifth Avenue – creating something akin to a backbone.


262 Fifth Avenue


Residents have been afforded some spectacular views through this design choice. 262 Fifth Avenue’s eastern façade will be decked out with oversized and perforated porthole windows, but on the north and south elevations, floor-to-ceiling windows offer nearly 360° of panoramic views of the city.


What’s more, each housing unit will be column-free as all of the key components will be housed on the tower’s western edge.


262 Fifth Avenue


"At its summit, a soaring metal frame will create a striking arched observation deck atop the skyscraper," said the architects, regarding how they plan on topping off the aluminium and glass megastructure.


As mentioned earlier, this is the first time Meganom has dipped its toe into the United States’ construction industry. Even so, the Moscow-based team has been throughout Russia since 1998.



"Meganom is virtually unknown in the West, yet have tackled some of the biggest and most complex projects in Russia," said the team. This development could be the project that puts Meganom squarely on the United States’ architectural map – and open up a wealth of opportunities for the Russian studio.


Images: © Meganom/DBOX


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