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Doors: state of the market. Expert opinion

Doors: state of the market. Expert opinion


In the Russian Federation any business, including the door business, depends significantly on the overall economic situation. In the opinion of the President of NADI (Russian National Association of the Door Industry), the general directors and representatives of the marketing departments of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of front doors and connecting doors, locks and hardware whom we managed to contact on the eve of the WorldBuild Moscow/ MosBuild 2018 trade show, relations between the main consumer attributes of doors are well established and will not change that much during the forecast time period. Market dynamics are affected significantly by small-scale wholesale and retail trade, and the quality and cost of components, which result in rising prices, and also the seasonal factor. Furthermore, experts perceive growing demand for products from Russian manufacturers made from natural materials.



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What would you describe as the strengths and advantages of the WorldBuild Moscow/MosBuild trade show compared to other marketing communications tools?


Guardian has been participating in the MosBuild trade show every year now for more than 10 years. MosBuild is the platform where all the important market players in the industry gather. The trade show helps visitors find partners, keep up to date about the manufacturers still operating on the market, find out which companies have exited the market, which ones are developing and how, and about the new products on offer. Within the framework of the MosBuild trade show, visitors may view first hand and select top-quality products, and also assess partners after seeing them one on one. 



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Current state of the Russian market. How will the market change over the next five years?


The market is in a constant state of flux – if this were not the case, development would be impossible. It is hard to talk about any global changes. I would like to point out that builders select more and more frequently Russian manufacturers as partners and not foreign ones. To a large extent, these are naturally economy brand doors. Even here, however, customers set the same high requirements on the quality of the products and components as they do on doors in the retail sales segment. Top quality Russian products are also becoming attractive to foreign partners. Consequently, they will account for an increasing share of exports. 



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What recommendations would you give to competitors and companies that want to work on the Russian market?


If any company has decided to work on the Russian market, it needs to understand that today’s consumer expects the “full service suite”, in other words, it is not enough to sell a product. You also need to offer maintenance services, warranty and post-warranty service. 



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Statistically, in your opinion what doors are most popular with Russian customers and why?


All our innovative developments are focused solely on customers. Our products represent the joint work of the consumer, dealer and manufacturing plant. That is why all our models are in demand.  We receive numerous requests for both economic brand models and also business segment models. However, we believe that today this is a normal market situation.



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What technologies used to manufacture/install doors that you have encountered in 2017 do you believe to be most interesting//promising//unusual//progressive? 


Manufacturing doors since 1994, we have observed a trend for a reduction in metal consumption, in other words, the actual weight of the door. This is due to the design specifics of the door, high-tech industrial manufacturing, and also additional options ensuring reliability and safety of use. Take, for example, automobile construction: safety is not guaranteed by the metal consumption of the car, but instead due to the unique design engineering developments and additional options. From the perspective of design for the consumer, we can highlight the trend of more orders for doors with designer panels. Whereas in the past most doors had metal outside, now the consumer chooses a door that factors in the consumer's design preferences. Our company offers clients different doors in terms of both construction and design. 


Olga Buravskaya, Chief Manager, Guardian, answered our questions.



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