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Inside Tirpitz…

Inside Tirpitz…

A few weeks back, as part of our regular Project of the Week feature, we took a look around Tirpitz - a museum located inside a renovated Second World War bunker.


Tinker imagineers, the studio responsible for designing Tirpitz’s interactive exhibits, has put together a video taking viewers on a virtual tour around the museum.


BIG, the Danish studio led by architectural force-of-nature Bjake Ingels, was behind Tirpitz’s rehabilitation from symbol of Nazi oppression to engaging educational enterprise. Taking what was a purely military structure, BIG, with help from tinker imagineers, has managed to breathe new life into a building that would very likely be left to decay in the salty Atlantic air.


Tinker imagineers said of Tirpitz and the treats it holds within: “Along the west coast of Denmark, architectural agency BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group - has built an impressive museum hidden in the dune landscape, which counters a WWII bunker of the Atlantikwall. 


“Tinker was commissioned to design and produce the scenography. The design of the four exhibitions is based on the rhythm of the building and the surrounding nature, creating a journey through the space and time of West Jutland.


“Every room has its own rhythm, beating in sync with its storyline: high and low tide, night and day, good and bad, hot and cold, the passing of time. West Coast Stories, the room that focuses on 100.000 years of local history, is turned into a night-time 4D theatre once an hour.


“In the unruly bunker landscape of Army of Concrete, visitors get to discover the story of how the Atlantikwall came about in West Jutland through personal stories. A little further down, you walk into the enchanting steel forest of Gold of the West Coast. Along with its changing colours and sounds, the atmosphere of the rooms alternates between warm and cold: references to the history of amber.


“The historic Tirpitz bunker grounds the tale of an impressive war machine. In the dark visitors can play with light and activate shadow plays that reveal how the bunker should have functioned.”


Take a look at tinker’s video below to get an idea of how much the Tirpitz bunker has changed, and how architectural design holds the power to exorcise the ghosts of the past and get the world on course for a more inclusive, more tolerant future.


TIRPITZ, hidden museum on danish west coast from tinker imagineers on Vimeo.



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