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The facade market of Russia: Expert opinions

The facade market of Russia: Expert opinions

Ahead of the MosBuild/WorldBuild Moscow 2018, we asked a number of specialists in modern façade systems for their opinion about the exhibiton, the state of the market of façade structures, competitive advantages of their products and the applied innovative technologies.


There is an abundance of materials for building façade finishing. The companies taking part in the fair offer reliable façade systems solutions that can be used for any buildings, depending on architectural structure, height, material of the bearing walls and financial capabilities of their owners. Such cladding systems offer a number of distinctive advantages and are used for cladding building façades during construction as well as during reconstruction. 


Today from a wide range of façade materials customers can choose exactly the option that will allow for the implementation of modern architectural solutions. It is foremost to choose quality products that reflect aesthetic and composition principles of the author of the project.




We approached representatives from Alcotek LLC, Rus Interra LLC and the AZUMA GROUP TRADING HOUSE with some questions and their answers are below. 




The market is developing dynamically. While the number of private orders appears to decline, multi-storey construction sector shows on the contrary a noticeable growth trend.


Valery Anisimov, Representative of JK Holdings Co, Ltd.

Hiroaki Ishikawa, Head of Representative Office of JK Holdings Co., Ltd.


Full interview





Thanks to the growth in digital technologies in Russia, individualisation is playing an increasingly important role. It is important for each person that his or her house is special and unique.


Sofia Grigoryeva, Director of the Moscow branch of the AZUMA GROUP TRADING HOUSE 


Full interview




The main advice to competitors is not to be passive and to try to diversify their efforts, products and development directions. As they say, fair competition has not hurt anyone yet.


Sergey Fedotov, Technical Director of Alcotek LLC and Natalia Shcherbakova, Head of Marketing and Advertising of Alcotek LLC.


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