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Which wallpapers are in fashion today?

Which wallpapers are in fashion today?


However much designers insist on painted walls, wallpaper remains the favourite type of finishing in Russia. Moreover this holds true both in the case of expensive interiors, and also low-cost options. And that is why the “paper wall” manufacturing industry is developing rapidly, using high-technology raw materials and paints. Meanwhile all the processes are “becoming smarter” and new print methods are being implemented proactively. At the same time, manufacturers try to pinpoint “stereotypical trends” and understand what will be in demand. And our “investigation” disclosed that several user favourites are clearly discernible on the market.




Geometry and decoration


Geometric patterns will always be popular. Recently, however, they have started returning us more and more to the aesthetics of the 1960s-1970s.  The hexagons used to weave new wallpaper have been aligned with the Op-Art era with its games with visual effects and love for everything “counterfeit”. 3D effects are in demand!


Prisma Wallpaper Collection, Euro Decor. Photo from www.euro-decor.ru


New wallpaper collection, PalitraPhoto from oboi-palitra.ru


Traditional decoration and patterns are going 3D — the greater the visual freedom and  spatial games, the better!  


New wallpaper collection, PalitraPhoto from oboi-palitra.ru


Toying with colours, perforation and our ability to reinvent images can be added to the 3D games — and in the process the decorative impact becomes even more expressive.  


New Art Wallpaper Collection, AffrescoPhoto from affresco.ru


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