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First 40 finalists announced for inaugural Terra Award

First 40 finalists announced for inaugural Terra Award

The finalists for the Terra Award, the first contemporary prize celebrating international earthen architecture, has been announced. The shortlist contains 40 projects competing across 9 categories. 


As an international prize, the list of finalists spans five continents and contains entrants from 67 countries. 


Each of Terra Award entry was evaluated on a number of criteria including: 


• Architectural quality and landscape integration

• Environmental approach and energy performance

• Creativity and innovation

• Technical performance

• Local economy and social intensity

• Showcasing of skills


A number of organic project materials were used across the final shortlist including everything from light clay to cob, poured earth, wattle and daub, compressed earth block (CEB), adobe and rammed earth.


These materials are widely available, sustainable and feature low-energy production. As such, the Terra Award seeks to highlight the possibilities of earthen architecture to promote broader use of eco-friendly building materials in the future.


Final winners will be announced on 9 July 2016. A jury committee, chaired by Pritzker Prize winning Chinese architect Wang Shu, will be selecting the winning entrants. Following the announcement, an award ceremony will be held on 14 July in Lyon, France at the Terra 2016 World Congress.


Terra 2016 is the twelfth in a series of international events, organised since 1972, bringing together academics, professionals and experts, alongside a broader audience, to celebrate and discuss earthen architecture. Lyon, as host city for the 2016 Congress, is being celebrated as “capitale de la Terra” (capital of the Earth) this year. 


As mentioned above, the Terra Award recognises achievements in earthen architecture across 9 categories. 


Shortlisted entries and their respective categories, including the project name, location and designers, are listed below:


Individual housing


21st Century Vernacular House

21st Century Vernacular House Image: © Angel Castellarnu Visus


• Caldera House (San Rafael Valley, Arizona, United States, North America)/ DUST

• Munita Gonzalex House (Santiago Chile, South America)/ Arias Arquitectos Asociados, Suriterra Architectura

• 21st Century Vernacular House (Ayerbe, Spain, Europe)/ Angels Castellarnau Visus

• House J (Darmstadt, Germany, Europe)/ Schauer + Volhard Architekten

• Cardrona Valley House (Wanaka, New Zealand, Oceania)/ Justin and Louise Wright, Assembly Architects Limited

• “Clay Weaving” House (Quito, Ecuador, South America)/ Fransico Trigueros Munoz, Elana de Oleza Llobet, Jorge Ramón Giacometti


Collective housing


The Great Wall of Australia

The Great Wall of Australia Image: © Edward Birch


• Garden City de Cota (Cota, Cundinamarca, Colombia, South America)/ Mauricio Sanchez, Juan Pablo Urbina

• The Great Wall of Australia (Pilbara, Western Australia, Oceania)/ Luigi Rosselli


School, sports & health facilities


DESI Training Centre

DESI Training Centre Image: © Kurt Hoerbst


• Public Swimming Pool of Toro (Toro, Spain, Europe)/ VIER arcquitectos slp

• High School Païamboué (Koné, New Caledonia, Oceania)/ André Berthier, Joseph Frassanito, Espaces Libres (K’ADH)

• Women’s Wellbeing Centre (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Africa)/ Riccardo Vannucci FARE studio

• DESI Training Centre (Radrapur, Bangladesh, Asia)/ Anna Heringer

• Maosi Ecological Primary School (Maosi, China, Asia)/ Prof. Edward Ng et Mu Jun

• Royal Automobile Club of Victoria Golf Club (Torquay, Australia, Oceania)/ Wood Marsh Architects


Cultural public facilities


• Windhover Contemplative Centre (Palo Alto, California, United States, North America) / Aidlin Darling Design

• Camthanh Community House (Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam,Asia)/ Hoang Thuc Hoa, Pham Duc Trung, Ngyuen Thi Minh Thuy, Le Dinh Hung, Vu Xan Son

• Archaeological Heritage Interpretation Centre (Dehlingen, France, Europe)/ nunc architects, Louis Piccon

• Visit Centre Swiss Ornithological Institute (Sempach, Switzerland, Europe)/ mlzd


Office, shops & factories


ACRE Restaurant & Bar

ACRE Restaurant and Bar Image: © fabrikG


• Pavilion Ruca Choro (Cauquences, Chile, South America)/ Patricio Merino Mella

• Koudougou’s Central Market (Koudougou, Burkina Faso, Africa)/ Laurent Séchaud, Pierre Jequier

• European Conservatory for Soil Samples (Orléans, France, Europe)/ Design & Architecture, Milena Stefanova et Bruno Marielle (group’s representatives); NAMA Architecture, Jean-Marie Le Tiec and Arnaud Misse (associated architects)

• ACRE Restaurant and Bar (San José del Cabo, Mexico, South America)/ fabriKG Arquitectura & Paisaje

• Sustainable Centre Villa Janna (Marrakech, Morocco, Africa)/ Denis Coquard, Jala Zemmama

• Ricola Kräuterzentrum (Laufen, Switzerland, Europe) / Herzog & de Meuron


Interior layout & design


• Renovation of the Al Jahili Fort (Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Asia) / Roswag & Jankowski Architekten

• Plazza Pintgia, Transformation from Barn to House (Almens, Switzerland, Europe) / Gujan + Pally Architekten AG

• Printing Plant Gugler (Pielach, Austria, Europe) / Herbert Ablinger, Vedral & Partner


Exterior design, art & landscape


Zenkonyu x Tamping Earth

Zenkonyu x Tamping Earth Image: © Toshihiro Misaki


• Zenkonyu x Tamping Earth (Marugame, Japan, Asia) / Tadashi Saito and Atelier NAVE

• Urrn-Graves Cemetary (Innsbruck, Austria, Europe) / Renate Benedikter-Fuchs

• Stairway to Heaven and City of Orion (Plaine de Marha, Morocco, Africa) / Hannsjörg Voth


Architecture & local development


Earth Village

Earth House Image: © 1+1>2 Architects


• Panyaden School(Chiang Mai, Thailand, Asia) / Chiangmai Life Construction

• Sewing School Steel-Earth (Niamey, Niger, Africa) / Odile Vandermeeren

• Earth Village (Ha Giang, Vietnam, Asia) / Hoang Thuc Hao, Nguyen Duy Thanh, Le Dinh Hung, Vu Xuan Son, Tran Hong Nam

• Kler Deh High School (Kler Deh, Karen state, Burma, Asia) / Line Ramstad, Gyaw Gyaw

• Post-Earthquake Village Reconstruction (M’a’anqiao, China, Asia) / Mu Jun, Edward Ng, Zhou Tiegang, Wan Li, Ma Jie

• Pavilion of the Band-i-Amir National Park (Band-i-Amir, Afghanistan, Asia) / AFIR Architects & Planners, Anne Feenstra, Khalid, Dawari, Faiz M. Momand

• Phoolna, Community Hall and Housing for Teachers (Sunderpur, India, Asia) / Johannes Sebastian Vilanek, Iris Nöbauer, Jomo Zeil, Felix Ganzer / Supervisors : BASEhabitat, Roland Gnaiger, Michael Zinner, Clemens Quirin


Work, training, festival


Schap 2011

Schap! 2011 Image: © Schap!2011


• SECMOL School Building (Leh, India, Asia) /Sonam Wangchuk together with many students and volunteers

• Schap! 2011, (Magagula Heights, South Africa, Africa) / Team Carinthia University of Applied Sciences 2010/11

• Community Library (Ambepussa, Sri Lanka, Asia) / Robust Architecture Workshop    




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