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Smart bathrooms and bathroom fittings: innovations from MosBuild 2018

Smart bathrooms and bathroom fittings: innovations from MosBuild 2018


WorldBuild Moscow/MosBuild 2018 has ended. However, the models and technologies on display at the exhibition continue to be discussed not only in professional circles, but also between anyone who shares an interest in design and interiors. Today we offer you a chance to recall the most interesting innovations in mixers, basins and other key attributes of a bathroom.



Bravat: Single Handle Basin Mixer Magic Cube


The futurist mixer from the Magic Cube series boasts a 360° rotating nozzle and flexible handle. The model is manufactured from high-quality brass, while the durability of the ceramic valve reflects its longevity. The colour range of the mixer can be selected individually.


Single Handle Basin Mixer Magic Cube



Bravat: Tap for Pure Water Deri


The product connects directly to the filter. Water starts flowing from the tap once you place the  receptacle on a special stand built in the model. The body of the Deri tap has been executed using anti-corrosive brass, while the embedded ceramic core rules out oxidation processes and water contamination. The high spout makes it possible to fill even narrow elongated receptacles with water. 


Tap for Pure Water Deri




Slaven: L30 Bathroom Mixer Tap


The L30 Bathoom Mixer Tap with its short cast spout is equipped with a one-handed push-button switch and ceramic cartridge offering a rotation angle of 100°. The product is manufactured from high-quality brass with nickel chrome coating, with the handle made from zinc. The tap weighs 1.75 kg and is easy to install.


L30 Bathroom Mixer Tap



Jaquar & Company: Tiaara Mixer Tap


The original shape of the Tiaara Mixer Tap designed by Michael Foley makes you think of a  fish in water.  Water flows once you turn the inner ring of the tap. In addition, the configuration of the model rules out any superfluous water consumption. The body of the mixer is manufactured from brass in a nickel coating. The smooth surface has been polished to gleam brightly as a mirror. 


Tiaara Mixer Tap



Jaquar & Company: Tailwater Mixer Tap designed by Danelon Meroni


The Tailwater Mixer Tap designed by Danelon Meroni represents a new class in industrial design. The lever and spout have been combined in one integral shape. The upper part of the body  - the tail - can move backwards, left and right. The model stands out from the crowd with the smooth release of water and economic consumption. The durable body with nickel coating guarantees the longevity of the tap. 


Tailwater Mixer Tap designed by Danelon Meroni



Rossinka Silvermix: X25-55 Built-in Mixer Tap 


The design of the X25-55 Built-in Mixer Tap from Rossinka Silvermix stands out owing to the original idea: the water valve is installed directly on the shower head, thereby enabling you to constantly control the water pressure. A towel holder is also combined with the mixer tap for additional convenience. There is no need to drill a hole in the wall to install the mixer tap.



X25-55 Built-in Mixer Tap



Gross Aqua: Gross Aqua 2515288С Space Bathroom Mixer Tap


The new shape of the Space Bathroom Mixer Tap includes a rotating aerator with a regulatory function enabling you to adjust the inclination of the water jet. As a result you can prevent  any splashing of the water in the sink, regardless of size. The shower head is attached to the body of the mixer thanks to a special lateral holder that be installed on both the left and right.  The model is equipped with a built-in diverter with reliable tap valve, ensuring the smooth transition in the water from  spout to shower even when the water pressure is low.


Gross Aqua 2515288С Space Bathroom Mixer Tap



SKL Group: Uniterm Universal Thermostatic Shower Column


One innovative development of the Russian company of SKL Group is its universal mixer with thermostat. The model stands out due to the symmetry of the body, which enables use of the mixer wherever there are hot and cold water pipes. The Uniterm spout rotates at 360 degrees, while the exit to the shower hose turns around its axis. The built-in thermocouple maintains a comfortable temperature at all time, preventing the risk of possible burns or hypothermia.


Uniterm Universal Thermostatic Shower Column




WasserKraft: Kammel 1800 Mixer Taps Collection


The innovative model Kammel 1800 Mixer Taps Collection is managed by a single touch. The oval spout of the mixer guarantees the expanded flow of oxygenated water. The model is equipped with excellent components: the Neoperl aerator (Germany), ceramic cartridge and connector Sedal (Spain). The Kammel 1800 collection includes a mixer for the washbasin, bath mixers and two built-in mixers for baths and showers.


Kammel 1800 Mixer Tap



Hansgrohe: Axor ShowerHeaven Overhead Shower 


The structure of the AXOR ShowerHeaven consists of a durable metal body with four retractable “wings” and integrated lighting for the water. The product creates four evenly distributed water flows in three different jet types: concentrated mono jet in the centre, expansive rain jet in the middle and jets of silky droplets PowderRain. The latter is created through narrow silicon atomisers equally distributed on the “wings’ of the shower. The Axor ShowerHeaven overhead shower is 120 cm long and 30 cm wide. 


Axor ShowerHeaven Overhead Shower 



Hansgrohe: Hansgrohe RainSelect Control Unit


The German company Hansgrohe showcased an intuitive control system for overhead showers with different jet types. The RainSelect control unit makes it possible to control the shower using a convenient panel equipped with buttons and handles to regulate the water pressure and temperature. The panel is equipped with Porter’s shower holder and a hose. The control panel is underpinned by the Hansgrohe Select mechanical technology.


Hansgrohe RainSelect Control Unit



Nofer: Nofer Top Water Heater


The Aparici water heaters from the Top series are equipped with the Smart energy-saving system, which maintains the maximum water temperature only at times when the heater tends is normally used. The body of the product is made from high-quality durable  enamelling steel. The Aparici Top boilers are equipped with magnesium anode and a safety valve for 10 bar. The products are also protected from frost.


Nofer Top Water Heater



Oli: OliPure Bathroom System


OliPure Bathroom System releases a liquid disinfectant with every flush of water, thereby ensuring maximum cleanliness. The model can operate with any liquid detergent and has a storage capacity of 450 ml. The product includes the filling valve Azor Plus, 3/8 brass fitting 3/8", 350 mm connecting pipe for detergent filling and 130 mm connecting pipe for the drain valve.


OliPure Bathroom System



Laufen: Cleanet Riva Shower Toilet


Cleanet Riva Shower Toilet stands out from its competitors owing to the higher level of hygiene assisted by the rimless design of the model. The ceramic body of the product contains its own concealed water and electric supply system, and also an automatic air purifier with activated carbon filter. The removable seat ensures smooth and noiseless closing. In addition, the Cleanet Riva shower toilet integrates self-cleaning functions with thermal cleaning and automated descaling. The model records the programmable settings of users and is operated through an intuitive user-friendly button or by remote control.


Cleanet Riva Shower Toilet



Siamp: Siamp Watertune WC


The Watertune model from Siamp uses artificial intelligence to clean the toilet depending on the bowl content. The system independently assesses the level of dirt and determines the required level of water consumption, thereby generating up to 75% in water savings. The self-cleaning Watertune system operates without the need for any human intervention.


Siamp Watertune WC



Carpimoderna: Woodglam Wooden Washbasin


The Woodglam washbasin is made from durable hardwood. The product is made from one single piece of word that has been processed with unique technology and is coated in high-density varnish. The washbasin is 798 mm long, 365 mm wide and 70 mm high.


Woodglam Wooden Washbasin



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