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Aquatherm Almaty 2017: 6 HVAC companies to watch

Aquatherm Almaty 2017: 6 HVAC companies to watch

The 10th Aquatherm Almaty, Kazakhstan’s leading forum for the HVAC world, took place in Almaty on 5-8 September 2017. With over 130 brands representing 13 countries on display, this year’s event showcased some gleaming new technologies. We’ve picked out six favourites below.




Amitech Astana LLP, the well-known fibreglass pipe manufacturer from Kazakhstan, showed off an extensive range of products at Aquatherm Almaty. The company has been on the market for twelve years as part of the pipe manufacturing concern AMIANTIT. 


It produces fibreglass reinforced pipes and pipe fittings, which can withstand pressures of up to 32 bars and are supplied with different diameters ranging from 300 mm to 3,000 mm. Thanks to their unique attributes, Amitech’s products are applied not only in the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Belarus and Russia.





IRON PLAST is a major dealer of leading global plumbing fixture manufacturers. The company has already been operating in Kazakhstan's HVAC market for 15 years. High-quality products of such global brands as Chevron, Hakan Plat, and Hydrosta can always be found at one of the company’s large specialised warehouses. 

IRON PLAST is the only Uponor dealer in Kazakhstan. 


All the products shipped to consumers comply with current standards and have the required quality certificates, while clients don’t have to wait long for their orders thanks to the constant availability of a wide range of goods IRON PLAST’s distribution centres.





Geyser Group of Companies is a well-known Russian manufacturer of water treatment systems. Its wide product portfolio includes household pitcher filters, fixed units for country houses and industrial high-capacity water treatment equipment. Geyser Group’s production capacities, which include an R&D department, design bureau and the manufacturing of products made from thermoplastic and reactoplast, are located in Saint Petersburg.


The company supplies its products to numerous countries in Europe and Asia. Its dealer network incorporates more than 200 cities. The company also has a representative office in Kazakhstan. 




Weihai Creditfan Ventilator Co. Ltd is a Chinese company specialising in ventilation and cooling products. The company manufactures an extremely diverse range of products, incorporating vast coolers and compact units used for ventilation and air conditioning on high-speed trains. The company plans to supply such equipment for trains on the future Moscow-Kazan high-speed railway line. 





The famous Ukrainian brand Vents, which has been operating on the market since the 1990s, is also showcased at the 10th annual Aquatherm Almaty exhibition. The company has disposal more than 10,000 solutions for virtually all consumer groups and offers household, commercial and industrial ventilation equipment at competitive prices – for bathrooms or kitchens, cafes or supermarkets, office buildings and production premises.  


It is worth noting in particular the company’s innovative solutions in geothermal ventilation – the Geo Vents and Geo Vents Duo ground heat exchanger systems. An air duct system is laid below the Earth’s surface, under the ground’s freezing point. Heat exchange is conducted through the ducts at a higher temperature in the winter and at a lower temperature than the surrounding air in the summer. This ventilation technology can be used during the design and construction of energy-efficient buildings.



Russian company PC Pribor has been manufacturing water and heat metres under its Decast Metronic for 20 years trademark. It has become a high-profile player on the market, known for its deployment of best practice technologies and use of state-of-the-art equipment. 


The company's products comply with the most stringent global standards, while it is constantly developing technological innovations in measuring equipment. For example, the company developed and manufactures “wet water” metres for premises with higher levels of humidity and wells.


Furthermore, unlike products from other manufacturers, the operating mechanism of the metre is not full of glycerine, thereby simplifying and offering a cost-effective metre without adversely affecting its accuracy and reliability. Recently, in 2017, PC Pribor became a member of the Internet of Things Association as part of plans to deploy cutting edge technologies in the housing and utilities sector.


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