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8 more brilliant international brands to visit at WorldBuild India 2017

8 more brilliant international brands to visit at WorldBuild India 2017

WorldBuild India 2017 is already here & the event is packed with the latest technological innovations and old favourites from around the world of construction.


We have previously shone a spotlight on a number of brands you need to visit at the show. Now in the run up to India’s leading exhibition for the building and architecture industries, WorldBuild365 shifts the focus to eight more foreign firms displaying their products and services at WorldBuild India 2017.


Schnell s.P.a – Italy – Reinforcement processing equipment


Schnell s.P.a is amongst the world’s foremost manufacturers of reinforcement processing equipment. The Italian brand offers a seemingly endless product portfolio of machinery devoted to cutting, shaping, straightening and more, plus attendant product software. 


Schnell IPC 40

Image: © Schnell s.P.a - The Schnell IPC 40


The Italian company has recently launched its new IPC 40 plant for the production of radius bars with bends. Fusing Schnell’s CER 40 radius machine and P 45 PRO bi-directional bender into one system, the IPC 40 makes producing specific radius bars a simple, smooth process.




For more information watch the above video – or head to Schnell’s booth at WorldBuild India 2017.


REIDSteel – United Kingdom – Steel Building Structures


On the hunt for steel building structures for your latest project? REIDSteel are who you need to call, or at least pay a visit to at WBI 2017. The UK-based brand have been manufacturing steel structures for construction for over 90 years and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. 


REIDSteel Bridge in Nepal

Image: © REIDSteel bridge in Napal





Offering everything from steel buildings for a wide variety of applications, including factories, warehouses, industrial units and even steel bridges, REIDSteel’s work exudes quality craftsmanship and experience.


REIDSteel warehouse in Ethiopia

Image: © REDISteel - REIDSteel warehouse in Ethiopia


REIDSteel’s project have been used in projects as far afield as Ethiopia, Belize and Nepal, showing how the British brand’s products can function, and function well, in a wide variety of disparate climates – and able to handle anything India’s occasionally wild weather can throw at them.


Belgian Fibres – Belgium – Fibres


There are no secrets to uncover when dealing with Belgian Fibres. As its brand name suggests, they are from Belgium in Northern Europe and specialise in the production of rugged, resilient fibres. Of course, creating products for the textile and carpeting industries is all part of everyday operations for Belgian Fibres, but its offerings do not stop there.


It also creates high-tenacity polypropylene fibres that are ideally suited for civil engineering or infrastructure projects. According to the brand, its fibres are custom made but can still be used in poured or sprayed concrete. Belgian Fibres weaves fibres for general applications, such as office carpets.


If you are heading to Belgian Fibres’ stand at WorldBuild India 2017, make sure you get more information on its Belmix, Belpunch and Belforte collections.


Magicrete – Czech Republic – Artificial stone & concrete


Since 2000, Magicrete has built up a reputation on the European construction materials market for the quality of its products and reliability of its support team. It specialises in the manufacturing of concrete-based finishing products for inside and out.


Magicrete bricks

Image: © Magicrete - A façade made with Magicrete bricks (visulisation)


As well as offering real stone cladding and façade panels for exteiros, Magicrete also keeps interior designers happy with its range of ceramic and slate tiles. Visitors to the Czech company’s stand at WorldBuild India will be enthralled by the wide collection of finishes, thicknesses and sizes on demand.


Magicrete bricks

Image: © Magicrete - A cottege with a Magicrete façade





If your area of expertise lies outside of the home, then also be sure to check out Magicrete’s artificial stone fences, which promise concrete-like durability with improved affordability.


Coprabel – Belgium – Paints


For close to 30 years, Coprabel has been at the forefront of the European paint production scene. Now, it is bringing a splash of colour to WorldBuild India with a far-reaching collection of paints and finishes.


Coprabel Easy Color

Image: © Coprabel - A sample of Easy Color© gold paint powder


Its Easy Color© collection features a number of metallic colours, such as various shades of gold, copper and silver. Each is available in a ready-mixed format or in a 2-part mix pack with powdered paint. Coprabel has recently launched its Deco Gold range of water-based, ready-to-use, metallic paints too, eliminating the need to rely on solvent-based solutions. 


If you are swinging by the Coprabel booth, make sure to enquire about their NARI© collection of professional wood and timber coatings too for more high quality products.


Aurubis Finland – Finland – Copper solutions


Aurubis Finland, the Finnish branch of the Europe's largest copper manufacturer, is heading to Mumbai this year, bringing with it a portfolio bursting with copper construction solutions. The company offers a wide collection of copper panels – ideal for adding a touch of rustic earthiness to any building product.


Aurubis Nordic Brown

Image: © Aurubis Finland - Nordic Brown panels used for Seinäjoki Library Finland


The Nordic collection of copper panels forms the core of Aurubis’ facades range. It is available in a natural, unmodified finish or in a series of pre-oxidized finishes that replicate copper’s aging process through different stages.


Aurubis Nordic Green

Image: © Aurubis Finland - Helsinki Music Centre's facade was completed with Aurubis Nordic Green panels


For those looking for a slightly weathered look, Aurubis’ Nordic Brown series should suffice. Or, if a heavily aged aesthetic is preferable, Aurubis can offer green and blue palettes representing full oxidisation. Be sure to check out the brand’s Nordic Royal and Brass finishes too for non-copper colourings. 


Enika – Czech Republic – Wireless control systems


Need more wireless control features for your latest product? Then Enika’s stand should be your first port of call. The company provides switching and transmitter systems capable of turning any regular structure into something smarter.


Given India’s huge drive to create entire smart cities, not just individual buildings, Enika should be attracting lots of attention at April’s show. Just one of the product categories on show is the Poseidon® 868MHz wireless control system, which promises to “meet investor requirements for smart and flexible electrical installations for residential and extensive administrative building constructions [SIC].”


That’s not all Enika offers. Also up its sleeve is a complete range of lighting solutions, including flood and track lighting, as well as automation and electromechanical components for individual tinkering.


Tecno Imac s.P.a– Italy – Roofing solutions


Italy’s Tecno Imac s.P.a brings classic Italian flair to the roofing game, matching it with modern technologies to create an unbeatable selection of roof products. Utilising unique Polimglass© technology, essentially layers of high strength polymers, Tecno Imac’s roofing panels and tiles boast impeccable aesthetics with impressive energy performance and weather resistance.


Tecno Imac

Image: © Tecno Imac - ICoppo© roof tiles


The brand will be bringing the latest in its range of ICoppo© roof tiles to India in April. Made from that all important Polimglass©, Tecno Imac’s updated iCoppo© tiles are aimed squarely at the professional sector. Panel sizes vary from 1.3 to 7.2 metres, and are available in gorgeous antique or terracotta finishes, and are capable of covering even “the most important aquifers”.


Tecno Imac

Image: © Tecno Imac - A quick diagram of how to fit ICoppo© roof tiles





Tecno Imac has been producing roofing systems for over 25 years. Be sure to see the brand’s latest developments at WorldBuild India.


Remember, there is just under one month to go until WorldBuild India 2017. The event takes place between 20-22 April at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai. Can’t make it to the show in person? You can still check out all the brands taking part online on Tradeshow Connect.



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