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Compare and contrast: HD House from YOMA DESIGN (yoshi+maki), Taiwan

Compare and contrast: HD House from YOMA DESIGN (yoshi+maki), Taiwan

The interior of the modern HD House in Taipei is a three-dimensional metaphor for the role of light and darkness in life. It was developed by Taiwanese design studio YOMA DESIGN and offers up a gorgeous contrast of dark and light colours.




The whole interior is designed to contrast the lit and unlit areas. The principal concept for the space centres on the use of natural grey stone to delineate the space and reflect light. The property is located near Shida Night Market, so the surrounding area is always noisy and illuminated. With this in mind, the designers focused on carving out a little space of serenity and simplicity, selecting Italian marble as the primary feature and eschewing excess in all aspects of the design. Forgoing paint entirely, the studio's team managed to apply a perfect structure to the natural materials, drawing the eye to their content rather than their form.





The long, dark and narrow corridor tiled with veined black marble leads into a bright room, inviting visitors to step out of the shadows and into the light of life. The architects believe that this light space creates harmony in the home. The hallway's innovative design – with internal lighting in the cloakroom area, concealed behind dark glass – creates an infinity mirror effect.



The living area maintains the same minimalist style, but here the ubiquitous stone is joined by a titanium-finish wall covering. The cleverly lit plasma television is fixed to this wall. In addition, the concealed lighting on the titanium panel is a continuation of the corridor lighting, thus blurring the boundary between the two spaces. Clear accents of chrome and copper can be seen throughout the open-plan living area, which flows smoothly into the kitchen, where the dark brown dining table contrasts beautifully with the adjacent counters. A modern, multi-level kitchen island in the same colour also effectively delineates the space. The juxtaposition of light and dark is continued here.





Light is used to create a different ambience in the bedrooms: the calm and bright children's bedroom with horizontal lighting behind the bed and built-in shelves, and the darker master bedroom with a glamorous turquoise light to match the walls and curtains.





Last but not least, muted lights in the bathroom and a host of mirrored surfaces create an interplay of shadows, allowing you to enjoy a fantastic kaleidoscope effect on the water while soaking in the bath. Black "ripples" are splashed across the grey walls, creating more visual interest.






Light brings warmth and comfort to this stone home, promoting relaxation after the overwhelming chaos of the city. The project conveys the notion that light can transform a space, just as our ideas and aspirations can make dreams a reality, leading to a better life.


Photos: www.yomadesign.com© Kuomin Lee


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