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Peak energy demand to switch to summer?

Peak energy demand to switch to summer?

Europe can be a cold continent – and its energy consumption reflects this. The majority of countries use most of their energy for heating in the winter months, with less power needed in summer for air conditioning – but global warming is changing everything.


A Europe-wide study by 3 German academics, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows that peak energy demand will switch from winter to summer in 24 European countries by the end of the century, if current levels of emissions are not brought under control. The main driver of the switch will be extra demand for air conditioning as Europeans cope with a hotter planet.


This would mean that 68% of the countries studied would use more energy on air conditioning than heating – up from just 14% currently. Among the countries to see a switch in peak demand will be Germany, France and Spain.


Aside from posing challenges to power generation, this is a seismic shift for the HVAC industry – demand for air conditioning technology will soar alongside the thermometer. While the period covered by the study is extremely long, the effects are already being felt – and the air conditioning market will need to adapt to this changing Europe. 

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