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Construction sector recovery drives Ukraine HVAC demand

Construction sector recovery drives Ukraine HVAC demand

After a period of contraction, Ukraine’s construction industry has returned to growth – bringing with it a higher demand for HVAC equipment and machinery.


2016 saw Ukraine’s overall building industry grow by 9.1%. Fuelling this was a wave of construction projects in the residential, commercial, and industrial spheres. Building professionals will know that large volumes of construction signals a greater need for HVAC systems and related products, and this is what is happening in Ukraine right now.


150,000 square metres of new housing, 280,000 sqm of shopping malls, and 62,000 sqm of office space was built across Ukraine in 2016. Additionally, 102,000 square metres of warehouses was also put in operation during this period.



What’s more, a wide variety of foreign companies have broken ground on new production facilities throughout Ukraine. Agricultural business Allseeds, food manufacturers Puratos, and automotive electronics specialists Fujikara are just some of the firms choosing Ukraine as a manufacturing base -  heralding a fresh wave of nationwide factory construction.


Renovations of existing heating and water-related facilities is also paying a big role in firing up Ukrainian HVAC demand. Public utilities are in dire need of restoration or replacement. As much as 70,000 kilometres of water supply networks need replacing, while 1,600 pumping plants and 1,014 sewage plants require an upgrade. In the public sector, the need for cutting edge HVAC technologies is very real.


Additionally, several international monetary funds have arranged loans worth hundreds of millions of dollars to improve Ukraine’s energy efficiency. German bank KFW has approved a loans of $500 million for construction projects in the country’s Eastern provinces, for example. Elsewhere, the World Bank has lent the Ukrainian government $332 million towards a nationwide programme of energy-efficiency upgrades in the direct heating market segment, so Ukraine has the cash to spend on new HVAC equipment and tech.


The conditions are right for international companies to share the fruits of Ukraine’s newly confident construction sector. And that’s what hundreds of brands will be doing between May 30-June 2 2017 at Aquatherm Kyiv: Ukraine’s biggest and best HVAC industry exhibition.


If you can’t make to the event in person, don’t worry. You can still check out all the exhibitors showing off their products and services at 2017’s on Tradeshow Connect.




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