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Disproving some myths about customers of DIY products

Disproving some myths about customers of DIY products


Surveys* indicate that the customers choosing DIY products time and again are not only people who want to save money. Furthermore, the quality of DIY products, and also the pleasure that customers enjoy from playing an active role in assembling and installing products, and also selecting both colours and materials, and also working methods, are key when customers decide to make a purchase. As a result, the demography of DIY enthusiasts is extremely broad. 


Over half of all customers are aged from 24 to 44. Consequently, 50% of the target audience for DIY products are representatives of generations who consider the uniqueness and originality of products to be far more important than the price. In actual fact the space where such products are used is also becoming unique and special. In addition, the ecological attributes of DIY products are extremely important for such customers. 


More than 50% of DIY customers are women. And to think that the DIY market has traditionally been considered the “male” preserve! The reason for the growing interest displayed by women in DIY products can be discerned in the increasing number of training materials, and also most importantly in the video materials offered by conscientious DIY brands. Today the role of videos for manufacturers of DIY products cannot be overrated. Over 80% of the audience turn to such video materials not only right before or after a purchase, but also round-the-clock in their search for inspiration. 


The facts presented here clearly demonstrate “shifts” in the preferences of contemporary DIY enthusiasts. Viewing the interests of the audience from a new angle can help DIY producers optimise business processes and product marketing.


Changes in the requests received from DIY customers, and also other results of the DIY market in 2017, will be discussed at the 7th Business Forum “The Problems and Prospects of the Development of the Building and Finishing Materials Market and the DIY Trade Forum”, which will be held on 3 April 2018 in Moscow at the Central Exhibition Complex Expocentre as part of the 24th International Trade Show WorldBuild Moscow/MosBuild. 


In 2018 the event will operate at a fundamentally new level, thanks to speeches from speakers who are leading professionals in the sector, special interactive sessions, and also the cutting-edge formats of the discussions of relevant problems in the DIY market   


You can study the programme of the forum on the website of the organiser.


Please note that only a limited number of places are available in the room of the forum. Hurry up and register for the DIY Forum!


*DIY Consumer Marketing Trends Report, Venveo Agency;  

Survey – “Digital Upgrade of the DIY Market: How to Understand the Contemporary DIY Customer” Google.


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