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The benefits are clear: how to recoup investments without leaving your stand

The benefits are clear: how to recoup investments without leaving your stand


How do you make an impression and differentiate yourself from other companies at an exhibition? How do you make your stand memorable? At a press conference dedicated to the results of MosBuild 2018, Mikhail Chizhov, Marketing Director at Hansgrohe, explained his approach before, during and after the exhibition. 


The company has already been participating in MosBuild for more than 15 years. It has developed an entire strategy on how to attract visitors to the stand, and last year commissioned an audit firm to assess the effectiveness of its participation in the exhibition. We have transformed his speech into a step-by-step guide to companies that also want to follow in Hansgrohe’s footsteps and not limit their actions at Russia’s largest construction forum to some ineffectual presence.



1. Schedule meetings in one place 


«We have had a stand at MosBuild in the first pavilion for more than 15 years. That is why our partners have not had to waste time trying to find us all these years. They know immediately where to go. And this is very important – one of the four P’s of the famous marketing concepts works its magic (Product, Price, Promotion, Place). Incidentally all the other major representatives of bathroom fixtures are also here».


Fragment of the presentation, shown at the press conference. Floor plan 



2. Set an example for everyone else: act sparingly and take care of nature   


«Our stand was manufactured by the specialist Messebau construction and exhibition department of Hansgrohe, which applies the newest building technologies. It was made from spruce taken from the Black Forest and is assembled like toy building blocks. The stand travels to different exhibitions: it was in Moscow, Istanbul and Milan. We encourage all companies to take care of nature, recycle materials, and we offer an example of such an approach at the exhibition».


Fragment of the presentation. Hansgrohe's stand



3. Make your display dynamic 


«We show new products in use. At the exhibition, you can connect to water – this year we established seven water cut-in points. We were responding to the wishes of our visitors: it is always better to see once than hear one hundred times. And people came, studied the equipment, pressed the buttons and turned on the water. The operational shower equipment drew additional visitors to the stand».  


Fragment of the presentation. Visitors at the stand



4. Draw the interest of visitors 


«We encouraged people to take selfies in front of our products, invited them to photograph themselves and turned on the water in different modes. It is fashionable today to film things against a beautiful background, and this represented yet another tool to promote our stand at the exhibition».


Fragment of the presentation. Visitors at the stand



5. Get to know every visitor personally


«We try to be at the avant-garde of engineering developments. This year, we launched the online registration of visitors at the stand. We were interested in seeing who would come to see us. Subsequently we use this database in our CRM. The visitor fills in the information independently. To incentivise visitors, we offered them bonuses and a chance to participate in lotteries for prizes».


Fragment of the presentation. A visitor fills in an electronic form



6. Integrate the exhibition campaign in the overall marketing strategy 


«You should aim to use the four days of the exhibition productively, by enticing visitors in every possible way to visit the stand, entertaining them and creating a mood. Then you can reap the rewards. You need to come up with creative concepts and think of ways to motivate visitors to approach your stand».


Fragment of the presentation. Visitors at the stand



7. Participate in the business programme of the exhibition


«We participated in the Trend Show held in the first pavilion on the second floor. We submitted our products for the Bathroom Biennale project to the designers Diana Balashova, Olga Maleva and Mike Shilov. And we submitted an entry for the WorldBuild Awards 2018 where we won in the nomination "Bathroom Equipment and Bathroom Systems».


Fragment of the presentation. The project of Olga Malieva for Bathroom Biennale


Alexey Polikarpov, Valentyna Podgorodetskaya, Nini Andrade Silva, Mikhail Chizhov at the WorldBuild Awards



8. Develop your strategy in advance


«The exhibition will move next year to a vast amount of space. It will relocate to a wonderful place - the Crocus EXPO Central Exhibition Complex. And on the new platform it will attain a new level thanks to state-of-the-art technological opportunities. However, you will also face specific challenges here. All target groups must be informed of this relocation. We will support MosBuild in every way possible in this information campaign, so that we perform on the new platform with renewed vigour».


Fragment of the presentation



How to assess the result


«Last year we engaged the international audit firm Fair Control. They calculated the total number of visitors to our stand – 9,200 visitors. This year there were more, but we also observed slightly different dynamics based on the specific days. 


The qualitative cut-off showed that of the total number of visitors (last year approximately 63,000 people visited the exhibition), 36% spent most time in the “Bathrooms” section, and approximately 15% visited our stand. This is a fairly sizeable amount, given that people not only check out bathroom fixtures, but also visit other sections of the exhibition. It transpires that every seventh visitor came to our stand, and that 41% of visitors to the “Bathroom” section came to Hansgrohe’s stand».


Fragment of the presentation. Portrait of a visitor


«In all 43% of the visitors are wholesalers and retailers. This is our target audience and also historically the focus of the exhibition MosBuild. In addition, 26%, or about one quarter of the visitors, are architects and designers. This year the percentage was also slightly higher thanks to the Trend Show. Over the past few years this professional segment has accounted for an increasingly significant proportion of our sales, and companies have been paying more and more attention to them both in the premium and middle class segment. Then you have 15% who are end consumers, while 7% are design organisations, in other words, the ones responsible for the construction of hotels, stadiums, business centres. Another 5% are technical specialists and 3% represent the DIY segment, which is actively gaining momentum».  


Fragment of the presentation. Visitors at the stand


«Throughout the 15 years that I have been working at Hansgrohe specialists from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad - our partners – have come here to see our new innovative products, and communicate with representatives of companies. And they didn't need to go anywhere else, as they had all visited MosBuild. This is the universal meeting place - the meeting point of our entire target audience».


We look forward to seeing you in 2019 at MosBuild 2019 at Crocus Expo. In order to book a stand comlete the online form.


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