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Copper in Russia: learning from the experts

Copper in Russia: learning from the experts

Copper as a building materials is widely known for its versatility. Everything from HVAC piping to building cladding and structural elements can be made from this miraculous metal.


So, what’s the market for copper like in Russia at present? WorldBuild365 chatted to Vladimir Shesler, Architectural Solutions Technical Consultant, and Andrei Vinogradov, Industrial Units and Plumbing Tubes Sales Representative for the EEMA Region, at German copper specialists KME’s Russian office to get the lowdown.


KME does business in many countries. How does the demand for copper products change from country to country?


Vladimir Shesler – You’re right, KME does do business all over the world – but I can only really speak about the situation in Russia. Here, we’ve seen substitution of high-quality products with materials of a lower level. 


For example, builders and architects [in Russia] in the “elite” property segment use roofing materials such as galvanised steel coated with a polymer or bitumen solution. Such materials are not perceived as “elite” or luxury anywhere else in the world. 



For more budget-focussed projects though, these materials are fine. In California in the US, for example, all houses are built with such roofs. Incidentally, they burn easily, but can be quick to rebuild after any fires. However, these homes have nothing to do with high-end construction.


In Germany, they say a five star hotel needs a five-star roof, which is only logical.



Correctly assembled copper can make even a bus stop five-star.



Andrei Vinogradov – Despite the market experiencing a crisis, and a trend towards the use of lower-cost products, such as plastic pipes, copper still continues to hold its own on the Russian pipe market. 


Copper pipes have absolute resistance to corrosion, have a high mechanical strength, small thermal elongation, are age-resistant, high thermal resistance, gas tightness, and resist against the Sun’s UV rays.


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