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Andrei Beloedov: “We want to be on the same platform with everyone we work with”

Andrei Beloedov: “We want to be on the same platform with everyone we work with”


In a formal ceremony on 17 September 2018, Andrei Beloedov, Executive Director for Marketing and Sales, REHAU in Eastern Europe, signed a cooperation agreement with Yakov Syromyatnikov, Director of the international exhibition MosBuild. REHAU confirmed that it would participate in the jubilee international exhibition MosBuild. The parties agreed to hold theme-based business events on the window industry as part of MosBuild.


Andrei Beloedov stressed that most participants of the construction business are interested in meeting at a single platform, and that everyone is aware of the vital importance of MosBuild for the industry.  


Andrei Beloedov


Why MosBuild


After the official part of the signing ceremony, Andrei Beloedov shared his plans regarding participation in the forthcoming exhibition and talked briefly to the organisers about the company’s innovative projects. He noted: “In construction only a combination of offline and online sales is relevant – however, the best innovations must be shown in the right environment. Every year we manufacture approximately 10,000 samples for trading outlets where our windows are sold. And we find exhibitions very valuable.  We approach them very seriously from the perspective of opportunities to showcase our innovations and products.” 


Show innovative products


“In general we will show innovative products on windows. At the same time, we will also offer integrated solutions. We will make a concept integrated in the “smart home” system . We tend to be asked one key question at the exhibition: "What new products do you have?". We are well aware that this is the key question and we will definitely answer it. And we will try to surprise anyone who comes to see us.”




Invite partners


“As a company focusing on windows, pipes and furniture, we can present the whole story: from the initial architectural plan to project implementation, and understand who benefits from each specific  product in this system. We would be delighted to see at our stand our partners that assemble windows and also design them. We have many tools at our disposal for work with all categories of professionals.” 


Talk about our achievements


“We worked on 12 football stadiums in 11 cities where world cup matches were held. We equipped nine fields with lawn heating. The stadiums that we have are some of the best in Europe. For example, the stadium in Krasnodar does not only warm up, but also cools down – there aren’t any like it in Europe.” 



Share experience


“We teach people about technologies and the accompanying features of our innovative products. We have a project centre where we consider projects of varying degrees of complexity. Many innovations are brought to us by foreign investors driven by their demands that buildings comply with international standards  (BREEAM, LEED, DGMB). And we are ready to offer professional advice to planners, architects and designers and everyone implementing a specific project  ... We try to be on the same platform with everyone we work with, share our experience and consult everyone.”


Andrei Beloedov, Executive Director for Marketing and Sales, REHAU in Eastern Europe; Pavel Ivanenko, Head of the translucent constructions direction; Marina Avdeenko, Head of Marketing Communications Department, Yakov Syromyatnikov, Director of the international exhibition MosBuild; Mark Shashua, President of ITE Global; Elena Popova, Director of the ITE Portfolio in Russia; Dmitry Zavgorodniy, Managing Director of ITE in Russia



Header Image: rehau.com


We look forward to seeing you in 2019 at MosBuild 2019 at Crocus Expo. In order to book a stand comlete the online form

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