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Our company offers the most modern and high-tech products. In all sections of our catalog (Smart glass, decorative tiles, decorative stainless steel and decorative aluminum panels Lyudekor adjustable tinting, etc ..) are used these or other recent global developments. Almost all items from our catalog of products are on stock and do not require pre-order.   Switchable glass effect - smart glass and interiors using smart glass.     Smart glass is the principle of "visible - not visible." Depending on your goals smart glass or a transparent or not transparent. This is a completely new product that offers new opportunities for the creation of the original interior. Our company based on your choice can make a "turnkey" smart partition on the basis of smart glass. Our experts will come to you, remove dimensions, to discuss details of the order and will make the installation partition. That is, the project will be made by us from "A" to "Z". You will only need to accept the work. Smart glass will allow you to create a one-button private area in the office and at home. Thanks to the smart glass in a moment you can either share one zone into two or vice versa of the two zones to make one general. It is worth noting another feature of our proposed smart glass - this is the effect back projection. When the image is projected on the smart glass film projector image will be seen on the other side of the glass. Film projector stands inside, and the picture can be seen from the outside. Smart glass is produced at our factory in Moscow, and the production time is 2-3 weeks. That is not required to order and wait a few months of its delivery. The smart window usually produced by individually customized. We can produce glass of varying thickness, with or without holes, "curved" glass, "round", any other form. It all depends on your requirements.   Decorative aluminum mosaic     Feature we offer decorative aluminum mosaic is that its installation does not require any special skills. Aluminum mosaic light, so the ability to use a special adhesive basis on which easy mosaic is securely held in any primed surface. For its installation is not required to conduct any pre-plastering. You just peel off the protective film from the adhesive layer mosaics and paste it on any surface. Aluminum mosaic due to its basis (aluminum) will serve for years and will not break down even when exposed to aggressive environment.

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