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EOS Premium SPA Technologies offers you a full range of services for equipping and equipping saunas, spa centers and wellness zones with premium class equipment and is the exclusive representative of the German EOS plant in Russia. Thanks to many years of experience in the production of equipment for wellness and spa areas, EOS is the market leader in technology for saunas. The variety of products produced fully meets all the needs of the market in such areas as health, beauty and fitness, spa and wellness. Thus, the reliability, design and quality of its products are improved in accordance with the needs of consumers. The company also represents such brands as WDT (impression souls and metering stations), LUX ELEMENT (panels and structural elements for rooms with high humidity), PROCONHEALTH (ice generators), LICHT 2000 (lighting), Float SPA (capsules for weightlessness sessions), IDEAL (showers and spouts for the pool). EOS Premium-SPA-Technologies focus on the continuously growing needs of people and increase in life expectancy. Meeting changing customer requirements is a key component of employee philosophy. Constant research and development of high-quality products, as well as the highest qualifications of employees allow us to look to the future with confidence.

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