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Products and Suppliers of Window and Profile Systems

  • Glass and double-glazed windows
    Glass and double-glazed windows

    Facades with a high degree of glazing are currently widespread in the construction of modern buildings. This sets new requirements for safety of glass used in architecture.

  • Spot skylights MCR Prolight
    Spot skylights MCR Prolight
    Mercor Proof

    Spot skylights mcr Prolight designed for natural lighting and installed on flat roofs and roofs with a slight slope.

  • Hatches smoke
    Hatches smoke
    Mercor Proof

    The main purpose of smoke hatches - the security of people in the building during a fire due to the smoke and heat from the room. This enables fire fighters to quickly detect and localize the fire and reducing material losses.

  • Doors steel fire
    Doors steel fire
    Mercor Proof

    In the production of doors mcr ALPE type and mcrp OPTIMUM connection technology used sheet metal webs by folding and riveting, which ensures high resistance to corrosion and a perfectly smooth surface.

  • Smart film Lumen Market
    Smart film Lumen Market

    If you have already installed the glass and you do not want to change them, the smart adhesive film on the basis of smart replace the glass. The film can be used on already existing glazing when there is no need to change the window or the partition.

  • Rooflights with ventilation hatches
    Rooflights with ventilation hatches
    M8 City

    Rooflights with ventilation hatches are often called aeration lanterns or skates, but that's not quite true. Their design is much more complex, and at the same time, they are superior aeration lanterns in terms of reliability and functionality.

  • Single leaf smoke hatches
    Single leaf smoke hatches
    M8 City

    Luc smoke (smoke hatch) allows smoke and heat extraction in case of fire, effectively and quickly removed from the indoor (warehouses, manufacturing plants, public buildings, etc.)

  • The system of frameless glass vizyon-vts
    The system of frameless glass vizyon-vts
    Joy Vision

    Scope of use of the system - it's not just the outer glazing various additions to the home and small forms, but also the installation of internal glass partitions. This is a very convenient solution for distinguishing between offices.

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