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Whether you're seeking a traditional appearance or want to make an environmentally responsible choice, check out the wood windows manufacturers showcased here on the WorldBuild365 digital platform. Choose an off-the-shelf unit or order custom designed pieces from wooden window manufacturers.

Buy From Wood Windows Suppliers and Manufacturers

  • Gama 78 Mira Window
    Gama 78 Mira Window
    Langu Gama

    Traditional window for Europe with a protective profile of aluminum. More elegant, flexible, rounded profile design gives freedom for different architectural solutions.

  • Gama 78 Classic Window
    Gama 78 Classic Window
    Langu Gama

    The most popular windows in the company line. Combine a classic design, high quality, protection from external influences and relative availability.

  • Gama 78 Braga Window
    Gama 78 Braga Window
    Langu Gama

    Windows for creating an individual, unique design in a modern style. Organically integrate into wooden and glass facade systems.

  • Gama 78 Window
    Gama 78 Window
    Langu Gama

    Traditional windows for Europe, reliable, practical and economical. One of the most popular models in the lineup.

  • Gama 78 Rustic Window
    Gama 78 Rustic Window
    Langu Gama

    Windows for buildings in classical style. Externally are completely made of wood, external aluminum elements are not visible for a more complete immersion in the classical atmosphere.

  • Gama 94 S4000 Window
    Gama 94 S4000 Window
    Langu Gama

    Extrawarm windows Gama 94 S4000. Windows with the thickest frame profile produced by the company provide the most reliable protection against heat loss.

  • Gama 94 Window
    Gama 94 Window
    Langu Gama

    The Gama 94 windows with the thickest frame profile produced by the company provide the absolute most reliable protection against heat loss.

  • Gama 78 S4000 Windows
    Gama 78 S4000 Windows
    Langu Gama

    Traditional window for Europe, one of the most popular models in the line. It combines practicality, reliability and economy.

  • Sosna Wooden Window
    Sosna Wooden Window
    Okna Rosta

    This product is suitable for people who value natural warmth and environment-friendly products. Modern wood processing technologies repeatedly increase its resistance to external influences.

  • Windows Renner
    Windows Renner

    Wooden window frames - a mandatory attribute of environmentally friendly home! If you aspire to a healthy lifestyle, you want to breathe freely and live comfortably, be sure to give preference to natural materials of the house.

  • Euro-windows wooden
    Euro-windows wooden

    The State Enterprise "Belarustorg" produces wooden euro windows, won the "Best Construction Product of the Year - 2012" in the category "Window Product of the Year" and "Best Construction Product of the Year - 2013"

  • Skaala windows
    Skaala windows

    Atoll presents: finnish warm windows made by the company SKAALA Oy. All window types are highly energy efficient with advanced technological solutions, such as insulation glass units, sun protection and noise control. The company's range: tilt and turn windows Skaala Continental, Scandinavian swivel window Skaala Nordic and Swedish window opening to the outside. Wood-wood and wood-aluminium.

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Whether you're seeking a traditional appearance or want to make an environmentally responsible choice, check out the wood windows manufacturers showcased here on the WorldBuild365 digital platform. Find budget friendly choices from wooden windows suppliers offering standard sized units to suit most purposes, and top end products that deliver thermal efficiency and stylish design.

Buy your windows from wood windows suppliers - Offering a range of profiles, sizes, and finishes.

Connect with wooden windows manufacturers - To order customized windows to fit your exact specifications.

Budget Friendly Choices

When keeping costs down is essential, you'll find a range of quality products suited to everyday needs. Buy your wooden windows as single units or ask suppliers about wholesale prices.

Wooden window frame - Constructed of pine, supplied with handle but without glass - this makes transportation easier, as the risk of damage to the glass is eliminated.

Single square windows with glass - With a glued beam cross section and a single-chamber double-glazed window. The unit is supplied with a handle.

Pine framed, glazed wooden window - A lightweight window, and frame with wooden surface which is finished to a high quality. All knots and defects are removed, and the surface is ready to paint. The kit for this window includes a removable handle.

Two sash window - Sometimes referred to as the Finnish glazed window. The outer frame incorporates glass while the inner unit is single glazed. There is a wide gap between the two units which increases thermal efficiency in cold, wet climates, and reduces the risk of condensation.

Standard wooden window - Produced by a company that combines different aspects of proven technology to offer a straight-forward reliable product that offers good security, and years of reliable performance.

Innovative Design Options

Wooden windows are available in all shapes and sizes, offering eco-friendly options that look good in the most traditional or contemporary of buildings.

Round windows - Round windows are always a striking design feature, and wood is the ideal material for framing them, as there's no limit on the diameter of the frame. Round windows can be divided into horizontal or vertical casements to simplify opening.

Centre mounted windows - The opening mechanism is mounted on an axis at the center of the frame, either vertically or horizontally. This allows the window to be rotated a full 180 degrees, making cleaning from the inside much easier. Round, oval, rectangular, or octagonal shapes can be accommodated using this system.

Sliding windows - Floor to ceiling units for interior-to-interior or interior-to-exterior use. Sliding patio doors maximize the use of available space and the tight seal around the closed door minimizes heat loss.

Tilt, turn, and swivel openings - Choose from a variety of opening mechanisms to increase the versatility of your chosen windows.

Traditional Wooden Windows With High Thermal Performance

Choosing wooden materials doesn't mean compromising on being environmentally-responsible, saving money, or energy efficiency.

Argon filled glass - A step on from double or even triple glazing, filling the space between the glass with inert gas reduces heat loss and increases thermal efficiency.

Warm windows - High insulation glass, sun protection, and noise reduction may all be incorporated into your window choices when you choose custom designed units from the SKAALA range. Both wooden and wooden-aluminum products are on offer, and tilt and turn options are available in both conventional windows and balcony door ranges.