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You'll find exterior wooden window sill suppliers and the manufacturers of all kinds of window films in the WorldBuild365 directory. Searching here is always a fantastic place to start when you need exterior wooden window sill suppliers, & all types of window film!

Buy Window Sills and Window Tint Film Wholesale

  • Window sill film
    Window sill film

    This PVC decorative film is especially developed to offer a high mechanical durability factor, resistant to chemical agents and easy to laminate. PTMC can offer various types of window sill: single & double layer films, unicolor, printed All window sill films can be protected by an extra protective film that guarantees our high quality standards.

  • PVC Window Sill
    PVC Window Sill
    Euro Profile

    Waterproof and low flammability windowsill.

  • Sill Wenge
    Sill Wenge

    Sill Wenge is made from high-strength material LIGNODUR

  • "White" PVC Sill
    "White" PVC Sill

    The window sill PVC is designed for decorating the window openings. The surface of the window sill PVC laminated film that provides excellent product protection properties.

You'll find exterior wooden window sill suppliers and the manufacturers of all kinds of window films in the WorldBuild365 directory. This makes sourcing the materials you need for all types of window repair and window sill installation work easy. You'll always be able to find items which:

Offer durability, or ways to add increased durability to other materials.

Provide the right aesthetic required, no matter your project requirements - choose wood, aluminum, printed graphics, and more

Give the best value for money, with many companies providing wholesale purchase options for their products.

Enter your search into the box now, and find a trusted provider for any of the following products, and more...

Window Sills

Sills for windows can be made out of a number of materials, matched to any reliability and aesthetic requirements...

Wooden window sill suppliers provide a variety of different units made out of wood, often covered with a film of some protective substance, often PVC. These films can be colored to offer a range of decorative options, but should also be available in transparent so that the aesthetic benefits of wooden window sills can shine through.

PVC window sills are widely used. This is mainly because they offer exceptional service lives combined with excellent waterproofing and thermal insulation, as well as great resistance to abrasion. Because of the nature of the material they are made from, they will not fade or display signs of age over time, or become flammable in the event of fire.

PVC and wood mix sills are composed of a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and wood flour. Because of this, they offer a combination of the advantages of both - the aesthetic appearance of whatever species of wood is desired, along with PVC's durability. Many window sill manufacturers favor products made out of this material for this reason.

Window Films

As well as window sills, WorldBuild365 is a great place to search for companies who sell window tint film wholesale. They offer products such as...

PVC decorative window sill film has been developed to provide the same high resistance to mechanical impact that PVC offers to other surfaces, such as wood. Both single and double layer films will often be available from your window sill manufacturer, as are uni-color or options featuring printed graphics or designs. These latter are generally double layer films with the outer layer providing the protective capacity.

Window tint films are designed to offer increased privacy to vehicles, homes, and offices. Screening the contents of a vehicle or building from view can also deter thieves by hiding whatever contents may otherwise be in view. In addition, the products of the best window tint film manufacturers offer increased UV resistance and glare protection. They are generally available in films which offer different levels of protection.

Safety and security films are another type of wholesale window film. These are used for the purpose of adding additional security to any window, making it harder for intruders to get inside even if they succeed in breaking the glass. Some window film suppliers offer similar but even more heavy-duty bomb or blast films. These can help to keep glass shards together even in the event of an explosion or other impact on the glass.

Full color window graphics require a company with graphic design and printing capabilities. You generally can't buy this type of window film wholesale, unless it is of a an already-set pattern mass-produced by the company in question.