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Casement window hinges & many other pieces of quality window hardware & accessories can be found in this comprehensive online directory, & bought wholesale. All the devices, fittings, and accessories needed to operate a window can be found on WorldBuild365.

Many Specialist Window Hardware Manufacturers Are On WorldBuild365

  • Manual command galileo
    Manual command galileo

    Hardware system for coplanar sliding system, for larger scale glazing solutions providing optimal exposure to daylight and obstacle-free passage to exterior and no infiltration problems. With its many adjustable locking points, positioned on the adge, the

  • The system of frameless glass vizyon-vts
    The system of frameless glass vizyon-vts
    Joy Vision

    Scope of use of the system - it's not just the outer glazing various additions to the home and small forms, but also the installation of internal glass partitions. This is a very convenient solution for distinguishing between offices.

  • Frameless glazing systems vizyon-scs
    Frameless glazing systems vizyon-scs
    Joy Vision

    Systems exist in two versions - a 3-and 5-track. When single set of wings, ie 3 in 3 and 5, the track system at the 5 and opening of the opening flaps is shifted to one side and 2/3 and 4/5 of the width of the opening respectively.

  • Window Hinges WH-10
    Window Hinges WH-10

    Window Hinges WH-10

  • Glass sliding door CLEAR
    Glass sliding door CLEAR

    Glass sliding doors offer panoramic views and a wide range of moods, depending on the lighting.They provide an excellent interface between indoor and outdoor spaces and allow efficient use of space.

  • Glass sliding door NORTH
    Glass sliding door NORTH

    The glass sliding doors in this range are based on a traditional frame and casing structure. The fixed and sliding panes are fitted to the casing with the same type of frame. The top and bottom edges of the frames are parallel to each other. The deep frame and parallel edges allow for the use of various types of lattices, as well as transoms and mullions.

  • Oxiss Mosquito Net
    Oxiss Mosquito Net

    Mosquito nets in rolls are excellent for protecting against insects in homes, cottages or commercial sites.

  • FP Glass Pyramid
    FP Glass Pyramid
    Lamilux Heinrich Strunz Group

    Glass pyramids from the A series are distinguished by interesting architectural design, attractive design, and high level of thermal insulation. The glass pyramids of the FP series in the form of a four-slope roof let in more light than flat antiaircraft lamps.

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Innovative window hardware is not only attractive, but should also have high...

Performance levels to allow continuous trouble-free operation.

Durability to ensure long-lasting reliable function.

Weatherproof qualities to prevent leakage.

All the devices, fittings, and accessories needed to operate a window can be found on WorldBuild365 – a comprehensive product directory. Find windows accessories wholesale, casement window hinges suppliers, and window hardware manufacturer.

Window Hardware

Window hardware suppliers can deliver...

Electric window openers which are elegant and simple constructed from a stainless steel shell. This material is extremely hard to ensure the safe and stable operation of the drive, and suitable for exposure to a long-term humid environment. This device is suitable for skylights, sliding windows, blinds, and other glass curtain walls.

Solar power absorbing glass panes that can deliver solar power, beaming the energy back into the home for huge energy savings. A window hardware supply professional will install the panes, which will reduce excess light, heat, and UV radiation. The thin film glass panels have the ability to re-insulate up to 92% of solar energy.

Slide shutting systems to ensure safety and comfort of use. Panel types are available in wood, aluminum, and PVC, and the tracks are aluminum or stainless steel. These designs are stylish and functional, offering optimal solar effectiveness for maximum internal comfort. The super-smooth mechanisms ensure effortless shutting, making them a pleasure to use.

Casement windows that are hinged at the side and swing outward. They’re often installed over sinks and countertops, and are most energy-efficient. The window sash presses against the frame on closing, creating an airtight seal. The open and closing of the window is simple with latches, and they provide excellent ventilation and light.

Sliding windows to give unobstructed views as the larger windows allow for increased natural light, and greater ventilation. Sliding window manufacturers will produce a variety of colors, styles, materials, and finishes. With features of energy efficiency, low maintenance, easy operation, and weatherproofing, these windows continue to be a popular choice.

Sliding glass doors that offer panoramic views and provide an excellent interface between indoors and out. Doors provided by a glass door supplier are based on traditional frames and casing structures. The top and bottom frames are parallel, with the fixed and sliding panes fitted to the casing. Lattices from sliding door suppliers come in a wide range, in materials of pine, larch, or oak.

Smoke ventilation hatches that are essential components in any fire-protection concept. The fair weather ventilation feature allows opening, and an optional wind and rain sensor can automatically close the hatch when needed. The unit is watertight and wind resistant, as well as having high air impermeability. The glass insulation can withstand heat over the entire surface, and complies with all health and safety regulations.


Reliable and durable parts.

Window locks are a cost-effective way of securing premises, and can be used in a wide range of window types, including skylights. They’re easy to fit and operate – some need a key, others lock automatically. Select a window lock suitable for individual windows, from wooden to PVC. Maintaining proper locking systems ensures that any insurance claims made will be validated.

Plastic, zinc, and aluminum alloy window handles can be supplied with mounting screws, made from zinc or an aluminum alloy with a painted finish. Designs are modern and stylish, and may be universal – turning left and right. A zinc protective coating is corrosion-resistant, and provides a barrier. Aluminum alloy handles are contoured for easy use, and available in a range of colors.

Window bottom hinges that have a glass construction fitting. There are many different types for many window styles.