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An overhead window set in a roof or ceiling to admit light can be purchased from the type of dependable skylights manufacturer found in WorldBuild365’s product catalogue.WorldBuild365 is the online directory for sourcing many skylight suppliers - this comprehensive business platform lists manufacturers & skylight wholesalers.

Look For Steel Fire Door Suppliers On WorldBuild365

An overhead window set in a roof or ceiling to admit light can be purchased from the type of dependable skylights manufacturer found in WorldBuild365’s product catalogue. Professional skylight suppliers will ensure they:

Reduce energy costs and consumption.

Provide optimal daylight.

Add life to small spaces.


Roof skylight manufacturers providing sufficient light and privacy for any needs.

Pine wood spotlights are the perfect way to light up an attic with natural light. The high quality joinery is layered from glued pine wood, and the energy saving glass is filled with argon, and set with a low emission coating. The widened glass cover protects the window and the room from humidity. Handles with three stage locking mechanisms allow the window to be slightly open for ventilation, yet still remain secure. The flush fit system increases energy efficiency, and innovative snap bolts make installation very fast.

Heated glass skylights from many roof skylight manufacturers found on this site are beneficial for snow and ice clearing. The heated glass can be produced to suit windows of all shapes and sizes - even in already installed roof windows. The glass and cable raises the temperature around the perimeter of the roof window, the heating control is carried out through a compact plug. The surface temperature of the glass ranges from 30-50°C.

Opening skylights are designed for natural lighting and ventilation. The angle of the opening of the lid is usually not more than 45°, and is controlled by an electric drive system. See where to purchase skylights wholesale on this digital platform – all guidelines for design and construction of lights for natural lighting are adhered to.

You'll also see skylights with handles on top, blind spot skylights, and spot skylights on this site.

Fire Doors and Smoke Hatches

Active fire protection measures.

Steel fire doors are constructed from sheet metal webs by folding and riveting. This ensures a high resistance to corrosion, and a perfectly smooth surface. All material used are certified as fire resistant. The carrier bearing bushings are made of special hard alloys, and integral springs allow doors to self-close. The production of fire doors from many steel fire door suppliers will be based on specific requests. Door frames, additional equipment, and types of locks and handles can all be individually selected. A fire rated door supplier found on this site will use additional data provided to complete the order.

Smoke hatches allow smoke and heat to escape from the room, enabling firefighters to detect and localize the fire, reducing material losses, and loss of life. An additional advantage is the combination of daylight and natural ventilation through the roof. Hatches may be installed on various types of roof, as a range of shapes and materials can be selected for individual function purposes.

Rooflights with ventilation hatches are superior aeration lanterns that are functional and reliable. They’re specially designed with an aluminum profile system and offer maximum protection against moisture and frost. This reinforced construction provides smooth operation even with high winds and snow loads. They have a high fire resistance, and are safe and durable. Increased insulation saves energy, alongside the benefits of energy saving glass.

Single leaf smoke hatches have increased resistance to cold and condensation due to the aluminum profile system, which have additional stiffeners. They also have high thermal and sound insulation properties for further defense against harsh environments.

Glass infrared heaters installed in the ceiling are easily mounted, and have no harmful effects on any appliances and furniture that are in their area. They’re lightweight, safe, and environmentally friendly – the glass doesn’t emit odors or cause dust convection. The heaters are convenient and functional, and pleasing to look at. This kind of heater should be installed with strict reference to the manufacturer’s recommendations.