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Shading technology utilizes films to protect windows from sunlight - find a shading technologies supplier with assistance from Worldbuild 365. Learn all about shading technologies from WorldBuild365. This comprehensive online catalogue features where to buy films on glass wholesale, & much more.

Find a Smart Film Manufacturer On WorldBuild365

  • Films on glass
    Films on glass

    Decorative films are used to create the comfort required style of the room. With the film can be given a glass septum or one way full opacity.

  • Smart film Lumen Market
    Smart film Lumen Market

    If you have already installed the glass and you do not want to change them, the smart adhesive film on the basis of smart replace the glass. The film can be used on already existing glazing when there is no need to change the window or the partition.

  • Smart Film
    Smart Film
    Neticon Primatama Indonesia

    Smart film is a layer or film which can be quickly setup the intensity of light coming from the surface of the glass / acrylic that has a layer of Smart film, so that the glass surface can have the look of a clear / translucent to opaque or opaque appearance and vice versa by simply using the remote control.

  • DerorS L amination Films
    DerorS L amination Films

    Lamination film improves the appearance of window and door profiles, thereby providing both decorative and functional advantages.

 Shading technology utilizes films to protect windows from sunlight - find a shading technologies supplier on WorldBuild365’s comprehensive online directory. A smart film manufacturer will ensure films provide:

Shade efficiency based on location.

Privacy for rooms treated.

Absorption of sunlight.

Window Films

Smart films consist of a layer of film which adjusts light transmission between transparent and opaque. This film can be directly installed on existing windows with special glue or self-adhesive. One of the huge advantages of smart film is that it eliminates the needs for blinds, shades, or other window treatments. Operation is simple with the use of a remote control, a switch, or a smart home system. Changes are due to the transparency of the film located inside crystals that modify their state under the influence of an electrical field.

Smart films can be applied to glass enclosures of conference rooms, and have the additional benefit of becoming an energy-saving glass curtain wall. For interiors, the films can be used in the bathroom and living room, offering complete privacy when the glass is in its opaque mode. Product displays in commercial environments benefit from the protection, and when transparent may be used for advertising.

Public rest rooms can benefit from the privacy of the film when in use, and transparency when out of use. In hospitals, the filmed glass can replace curtains, reducing noise and dust.

Armoring film with its acrylic adhesive coating reduces any risk of injury from broken glass fragments. If the glass was to shatter, the impact is absorbed and evenly distributed at the time of the explosion. The film is also a protector from bright sunlight, blocking UV radiation and preventing light damage to interior furnishings.

Safety films absorb ultraviolet and infrared rays offering unique protection for windows from the sun. They reduce solar heat, and in turn air-conditioning costs. Enhanced comfort is provided by low reflection, high transparency and light transmission, and reduced fading to furnishings and fabrics.

Exterior films are excellent for skylight applications and retail store frontages, as the hard coat helps to keep the surface looking clean.

Films on glass can be decorative, and are suitable for mounting on mirrors, interior doors, and wardrobes. Application of the film onto glass has many benefits, including increased safety as glass won’t shatter, and the film is environmentally friendly. Buy films on glass wholesale from many suppliers listed on this site.

Glass cromalite can be used for architectural glazing, and in the car. The laminated glass panels use modern technology to activate an electrical field capable of moving the suspended particles inside the film. This allows efficient control of the transmitted solar radiation, making the films ideal for sunroofs in cars, cabins in airplanes, and marine windows.