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Reinforcement profiles add external strength with structural shapes and definitions. For a range of information on reinforcement profiles go to WorldBuild365 - a comprehensive online catalogue listing manufacturers, suppliers, & wholesalers.

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  • UG-plast Polycarbonate Profiles
    UG-plast Polycarbonate Profiles

    Connecting polycarbonate profiles are designed for installation of building materials. They represent a detail that combines the constituent elements of the final object.

  • Proterminal Steel Profile
    Proterminal Steel Profile
    Progress Profiles Spa

    Proterminal technical finishing profile. It is mainly used to connect the same or different floor materials (for example, ceramics / ceramics - ceramics / parquet / marble / laminate / carpet / linoleum, etc.).

Reinforcement profiles add external strength with structural shapes and definitions. WorldBuild365 provides listings for fiberglass mesh manufacturers, and details of where to buy glass roof accessories wholesale. A trusted frameless glass roofs accessories supplier will ensure products are:

Flexible and precise.

Modern, creating a striking appearance.

Easy to set up and install.


Strengthening and supporting requirements met.

Paint room fiberglass is used in repair work as a reinforcing layer, preventing cracking and increasing the strength of the plaster coating. Heavily crazed and damaged surfaces need to be ground out before filling to ensure a smooth finish. Removal of all surface contamination, followed by a thorough cleanse and de-greasing will ensure the reinforcing layer of paint room fiberglass will provide the optimum protection.

You'll also see a range of reinforced film and reinforcing nets on this business platform.

Fiberglass Mesh

Fiberglass mesh manufacturers, including many of those found on WorldBuild365, will provide products that have tensile strength, high elasticity, and large shock resistance. Fiberglass mesh is also heat and chemical resistant, not easy to burn, and is low cost. The neatly crossed woven thread is strong and durable, making it ideal for use in the construction industry. The mesh can also be used as a filtering system, or even for mosquito nets and protective clothing.

Fiberglass screen, fiberglass tape, and coated fiberglass mesh may also be of interest if you're searching for this type of item.


Useful, versatile, and attractive.

Holders for frameless glass facades can also be used for canopies, entrances, and interior partitions. These holders are stable and safe, allowing entire structures to be built out of glass with a flexibility of design. The holders have to be able to withstand a variety of loads ensuring structural stability, and have weather resistant properties.

Spot holders and point holders can also be sourced via WorldBuild365.

Accessories for frameless glass roofs include a full glass visor constructed from a single sheet of glass. Find out where to purchase glass roof accessories wholesale on this site.


Defining and protecting.

Plaster corner profiles offered by the kind of reliable plaster corner profile supplier found on WorldBuild365, are designed to reinforce angles when plastering wall surfaces, and door and window openings. They can be used for all types of angles, both inside and out, and are the perfect solution to problems of cracking, and for additional repairs.

Installing the profiles is simple, and with the proper application almost 30% less plaster can be used, making them a cost-effective protection for vulnerable points. They also provide a water-tight and cracking-free connection for door and window frames.