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This massive online directory gives you the opportunity to search for and locate a spacer supplier who can give you the products you need. Suppliers who sell items like PVC windows wholesale can be found right here on WorldBuild365 - an online digital platform that helps customers & businesses.

Many PVC Window Manufacturers List Their Products in This Directory


    We have in our offer three product lines in Classic Line collection PREMIUM – based on profile ALUPLAST Ideal 4000 ARCTIC – based on profile ALUPLAST Ideal 7000 ARCTIC PLUS – based on profile ALUPLAST Ideal 8000 The technology developed by our team allows to get on PVC profiles an imitation of precious wood surface with every wood decor coating or RAL paint colour. Windows with PVC surface can be made in any dimensions and shapes, limited only by technical PVC profile limitations. REAL WOOD decoration perfectly imitates wooden surface, but does not require - typical for wooden products - expensive maintenance. We use RW technology for years in our energy-efficient composite doors. VIKKING PVC windows with REAL WOOD surface may have unlimited set of decoration and color scheme - according to investor's expectations - without hidden charges or order delays.

  • Profile Kbe
    Profile Kbe
    Black Horse

    The choice of plastic windows in Russia - an important and responsible action, given the difficult climate of much of the country. Not all European window suitable for the snowy expanses of Russian - because this is a country where not all the year round has a Mediterranean warmth.

  • Spacer
    Black Horse

    No modern construction is complete without a glass constructions - whether it's just the windows and entrances or complex facade glazing. At the core of their lies are always glazed. Double glazing is a two or more of the same glass, combined in a single unit through the spacer and sealant reliably protected by the outer contour.

  • PVC profile system PVC S60
    PVC profile system PVC S60

    Today, plastic windows - is the best choice for the construction and reconstruction of buildings. Metal-plastic profile has a high performance, has a number of significant advantages over wood and aluminum, including a much more attractive price.

  • Sliding SWS system
    Sliding SWS system
    Universal Service

    Sliding SWS system is intended for a glazing of balconies, loggia, greenhouse arrangement, garden arbors, winter gardens. It can be used as barriers in offices and other working spaces

  • PVC Profiles
    PVC Profiles

    PVC Profiles

  • Practica (window system)
    Practica (window system)

    exprof Practica is a high quality window system at a moderate price. 3-chamber 58 mm profiles provide a good insulation which in combination with energy saving glass unit meets the insulation requirements of the most regions in the European Russia as well as of some southern regions of the Urals and Siberia.

  • Elegante Window Profile
    Elegante Window Profile

    A new window profile system Elegante -76 can truly be referred to the new generation of window profiles with outstanding heat insulating characteristics and a modern, sleek design in aluminium look. With a profile depth of 76 mm, 6 chambers and triple gasket this window profile system provides the highest level of thermal resistance of 1.08 m2C/W.

  • ECOOKNA PVC Windows
    ECOOKNA PVC Windows

    ECOOKNA company is engaged in the manufacture of PVC windows for apartments, villas and country houses. By production we use the checked component parts and the European VEKA and WHS Halo profile systems.

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This massive online directory gives you the opportunity to search for and locate a spacer supplier who can give you the products you need. WorldBuild365 features many PVC window manufacturers who can deliver high quality PVC windows wholesale. These experts know these products need to be...

Insulating, and therefore suitable for cold conditions.

Flexible, and able to open sideways, inward, or outward if the customer requires it.

High quality, and constructed out of robust hinges, glass, and other specialist materials.

Further details can be seen here:

PVC Window Profiles

Customers can find the following items:

Metal-plastic window profile systems offer high levels of performance that exceed those of both wood and aluminum equivalents – they’re also more cost-effective. These profiles have a four-core structure and feature an inner and outer seal. Plus, the windows provided can be single, double, or triple paned according to specific requirements. On this site you can find a PVC windows manufacturer who'll supply a product which suits your particular needs. Finally, these units have great frost resistance, high heat transfer coefficients, and are available in a wide range of different colors.

Window profiles for cold climates have been designed to decrease the amount of thermal energy required during winter months in locations where very low temperatures and snow are expected. These energy efficient windows featured a five-chamber box system, and have been thoroughly quality checked to ensure they function as advertised for a long period of time. If a customer has further questions about these profiles they should reach out to their PVC windows supplier.

Feature-packed window and door system profiles which can feature swivel, tilt and turn, and are available as leaved as well as sliding windows. A varying range of glass will be used in these units - this includes normal panes, those with high energy-saving attributes, noise protection, and more. Additionally, if desired the majority of the suppliers of uPVC windows on this site can install decorative crossbars inside the glass, on the window’s glazing, or on a separate portion of glazing altogether.

Sliding and folding patio systems can be opened and folded to the left or right. They can be given a finish of up to twenty different standard colors, are highly insulating, and can even be made to appear as if they’re constructed out of wood or metal – courtesy of the incredible range of uPVC window supplies featured in this directory.

Also on WorldBuild365 are standard window profile systems, cold resistant window PVC windows, sliding plastic patio doors, and high strength PVC windows.

PVC Material Imitation Windows

This subcategory contains:

Wood imitating windows - these have been coated using a specially developed technology. Still made almost entirely out of PVC, they’ll give the appearance of real wood but will not require any of the maintenance that an authentic product would need. These windows feature modern fixings such as four-point tilts, micro-ventilation functions, rotation locks, and anti-burglary devices.

Other people who’ve searched for this product have also been interested in material imitating PVC windows and fake wood windows.


Such as:

Spacer insulating glass units that perform three important functions – distancing between glass panes, drying between the panes, and remaining essentially invisible. This is the product that your spacer manufacturer will supply if you need an item where you won't be able to see the spacer at all. In addition to plastic units, aluminum spacers can also be provided.

Other products like this are also in this directory. They include: standard window spacers, strong spacers for windows, and sealed window spacers.