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Finding a sliding doors manufacturer that can produce quality products has never been easier. Selling plastic frames wholesale isn't all the suppliers featured on WorldBuild365 can do! In fact they can deliver goods like shed profile systems, & more.

Sliding Door Rollers Suppliers Can Be Found Right Here

  • Trims
    Balt Trade

    Trims the outer frame are used for windows, doors and corners, and give extra protection to these highly vulnerable areas. They go perfectly with any facades and create a harmonious contrast color, giving your home a finished look.

  • Sheds for pools
    Sheds for pools

    Available colors polycarbonate - turquoise, blue, green, white, milky, transparent, yellow, red, cherry, bronze (stained). We produce a wide range of shelters for swimming pools.

  • MetroRoman®

    Profile MetroRoman refers to the Romanesque style. It has a special semicircular shape.

  • MetroCooper®

    Copper - a noble and durable roofing material. Collection Metrokuper for those who appreciate and understand the respectability of versatility and diversity of copper.

  • Fixing A-B-SG-8001 SSS
    Fixing A-B-SG-8001 SSS

    Profile and accessories for glass stair railings

  • Knauf metal ceiling profile
    Knauf metal ceiling profile

    Metal Knauf ceiling profiles are V-shaped and serve to form a carcass suspended ceilings and wall cladding. It is applied to the carcase ceilings, facings and other designs on the basis of Knauf-sheet and Knauf super-sheet.

  • Variolux system
    Variolux system

    Consistently variable – consistently profitable Variolux combines superior material quality and workmanship with extensive system diversity. The system has filigree profiles and can also be fitted with UV-transparent glass on request.

  • Variolux-Thermal 26-system
    Variolux-Thermal 26-system

    Using the Variolux Thermo 26, we can implement new ideas with innovative technology. The careful sealing of the seams without air flow at the mullion joints and no cold bridges between glass and profile provide a clean solution.

  • Private Smart Glass
    Private Smart Glass
    Termo Glass

    Thermo Glass Private smart glass is a unique development with the ability to change the main characteristics: transparency and translucency. In the off state, it has a matte surface through which silhouettes are hardly visible.

  • Vesttor Mosquito profile
    Vesttor Mosquito profile

    The profile is the basis of any design for mosquito nets. This is its frame, the design of which is made of aluminum.

Finding a sliding doors manufacturer that can produce quality products has never been easier. Check here on WorldBuild365 – it’s a huge online catalogue that lists many different kinds of high-end profile systems. For example, it shows where to buy plastic frames wholesale. These units are...

Adaptable and can be adjusted to suit particular needs.

Energy saving and have incredible thermal insulation properties.

Stylish, and can be supplied in a wide range of different colours.

To see more information about the items the various sliding door rollers suppliers and other profile system producers on this site offer, check below:

Customizable and Insulating Profile Systems

These items can be adapted to suit specific requirements...

Customizable profile systems can be personalised in three different ways. Firstly, the frame can be chosen – this could be a class A two, three, or four chamber system. Secondly, glazing units can be picked – this could be double or triple. Thirdly and finally, a wide range of accessories can be added to these products to add further functionality.

Specialist thermal profile systems feature ridge protective covers, purlin jointing, double shelling, glass holders, and insulating hollow chambers. These components combine to achieve nigh on perfect thermal insulation. But this isn’t all this system type offers. In fact, it provides fantastic energy saving attributes, can be used for in conjunction with a diverse range of roof coverings, and can be installed relatively easily if the process is performed by an experienced professional.

Variable setup profile systems can be installed and then changed or customized at a later date. This is due to their universal profile and weather seal system. Their structure consists of aluminum bolted on steel for greater stability, and the surface is covered in strips which will enable total sealing to glass plates. This in turn will result in improved thermal insulation and significantly less condensed water. Plus, the seams of these profiles have been carefully sealed so that no cold bridge can arise between the glass and the profile – these units can be fitted with UV-transparent glass on request.

Standard profile systems for windows, plastic frames for windows, two chamber window profiles, three chamber window profiles, four chamber window profiles, double glazed window systems, and triple glazed systems can also be purchased via this site.

Profile Systems For Pool Sheds and Sliding Doors

These systems are better suited to exterior environments...

Pool shed profile systems are available in turquoise, blue, green, white, milky, yellow, red, cherry, and bronze. They can also be delivered in a variety of different lengths, widths, and heights according to specific requirements, and if necessary can be covered with high quality polycarbonate sheets with special anti-condensation properties.

Sliding door profile systems have visible point rollers and feature square rails to ensure soft door closing. If there are further questions about a particular unit of this type they should be directed to the specific sliding door supplier who sold it.

Standard pool shed profiles, large pool sheds, weather resistant pool sheds, standard sliding doors, profiles for sliding doors, and further items can also be sourced on WorldBuild365.

Holders, Fixings, and Accessories for Varying Types of Profiles

These products can enhance existing profile systems...

Point and spot holders can be used to fix glass thickness between 3mm and 30mm. They need to be attached to the front of a glass pane in order to function properly.

Fixings and profiles for glass stair railings that are made of strong stainless steel, and can be used in glass railings that feature holes of 18mm in dimension.

Hinges and other accessories for swing doors and partitioned glass are appropriate for doors with weights of up to 110kg, and widths of up to 1150mm, and glass of up to 10-12mm in thickness.

Standard holders for fixing glass, stair railing profiles, stair railing fixings, swing door hinges, swing door accessories, partitioned glass accessories, and more can also be found in this directory.