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Recent developments in glazing technology open up a world of possibilities for purchasers. Here on WorldBuild365 you'll find a wealth of traditional glazing options and high-tech alternatives too. Compare polycarbonate & glass glazing options & find a glazing manufacturer on WorldBuild365. Purchase direct from top double glazed window manufacturers.

Buy Smart Glass or Triplex Glass Wholesale

Recent developments in glazing technology open up a world of possibilities for purchasers. Here on WorldBuild365 you'll find a wealth of traditional glazing options and high-tech alternatives too:

Contact a polycarbonate sheet supplier to purchase standard or custom sided sheets.

Find a glazing manufacturer and order bespoke glass - including triplex glass wholesale.

Compare double glazed window manufacturers - and purchase ready-made units for new builds or retrofitting.

Glass and Glazing Options

Buy glass sheets to install into your own units, purchase pre-assembled products from double glazed unit manufacturers, or find a double glazing supplier who'll custom build your windows and doors...

Colored glass - add interest to a building and confer more privacy than clear glass by choosing one of the many different color options offered by your chosen glass supplier advertising on this site.

Opaque glass and 'depolished' pattern glass - a range of different patterns that add interest and, as depolished glass is opaque, offer privacy too. As with the colored glass above, a range of sizes to suit a variety of building purposes are available.

Frameless glass sliding systems - eliminating the frame gives a more open feel. A sliding system is useful for narrow spaces where swinging doors or windows will reduce the usable space. Many companies offer frameless systems made of tempered glass in various dimensions.

Framed sliding systems - glass panels can be provided in a wide range of dimensions. Both cold and warm glazing options are available. Units can be reconfigured to a swing opening if preferred, and the manufacturer may be able to produce units built according to your specifications.

Fixed glass barriers - are intended for locations where the glass doesn't need to move. Popular uses for this products include safely barriers for balconies or stairways. Clear or tinted options are available.

Related products to those mentioned above include: warm glass, glass partitions, double glazing, and tipple glazing.

Technical Glass

Here you'll find manufacturers who specialize in safety glass, smart glass suppliers, and even the kind of high-tech glazing supplier who offers energy saving heated glass...

Triplex glass - Triplex is a laminated safely glass. Two or more sheets are joined with a polymer film so that in the event of breakage the glass fragments do not spread. Used for glazing of vehicles or windows and the facades of buildings.

Smart glass - a monochrome PDLC film is bonded between two sheets, allowing the panel to be switched from opaque to transparent. Any smart glass manufacturer will likely offer color options including white, blue, and grey.

Heated glass - eliminate condensation or fogging and increase the comfort of a room with electrically heated glass. Useful for greenhouses, balconies, or in any type of building. The producers of this glass also work as double glazing manufacturers, and so will most likely be able to prepare windows according to your exact specifications.

Polycarbonate Glazing Options

Polycarbonate sheeting is close to unbreakable, resistant to heat, and more thermally insulative than glass. It can be cut with standard tools, and is also lighter than glass. The combination of these properties confers distinct advantages...

Clear polycarbonate - this material offers the durability of metal and the transparency of glass. Polycarbonate is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to glass for glazing, particularly for greenhouses, The strength of the product also makes it a safe and secure alternative for all glazing purposes.

Coloured polycarbonate - a reliable and durable product useful for the construction of parking lots, facades and windows, construction of exhibition stands, and many other purposes. Any colored polycarbonante sheet manufacturer who showcases products on WorldBuild365 will probably offer a range of colors to fit with your design palate.