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Find an aluminium frame manufacturer or aluminium profiles supplier here on Worldbuild365 and buy aluminum profiles wholesale. Buy aluminium profiles wholesale for the construction of windows, buildings or furniture. Use WorldBuild365 to compare products & purchase aluminum frames.
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Aluminum Profiles Suppliers for Windows, Doors and More

Find an aluminium frame manufacturer or aluminium profiles supplier here on Worldbuild365 and buy aluminum profiles wholesale. Companies represented on this platform offer a wide range of aluminium profiles products and services, including:

• Development and production of custom made aluminium profiles.

• Systems suitable for use in buildings up to 100 meters tall.

• Cold and warm aluminium frames.

• Profiles for a wide variety of uses, including advertising hoardings or even furniture construction.

• Hardware, locks, and other accessories for use with aluminium profiles.

Profiles For Construction

Choose an aluminium profiles supplier offering standard products which can be adapted to your use, or contact aluminum profile manufacturers directly to arrange the production of bespoke profiles for a specific project...

Custom made aluminium profiles - services offered include the development of technical documentation, production of prototypes, manufacture of industrial batches, and post production processes such as anodizing or painting the profile.

Profiles for ventilated facades - profiles for facade systems for cladding and insulation of external walls. A range of fittings and fixtures are available to allow for the use of different materials, including composite panels, natural stone, terracotta tiles, or flat sheet materials. One of the advantages of this range is that your chosen aluminum profiles manufacturer will produce a huge range of products which are compatible for use together.

Profiles For Glazing

One of the more common uses for aluminium frames is in the assembly of windows and doors...

Cold aluminum frames - an economy range offered by at least one of the aluminum profile manufacturers who advertise in this directory. Suitable for glazing thicknesses of 4mm to 20mm.

Warm aluminium frames - two insulating strips between the inner and outer parts of the frame improve thermal insulation. These frames are suitable for glazing up to 40mm and can incorporate tilt and turn mechanisms.

100mm profile - a clamping profile for glass of 10mm-12mm. Aluminum base and caps with a steel frame. Supplied in three meter lengths.

Clamping profile with base and clips - designed to fix tempered glass of 10mm or 12mm to walls, floors, or ceilings. They have a weight bearing capacity of 10 kg per clip. Most are supplied at a maximum length of 3 meters and sold in multiples of three. Clamps can be moved along the entire base of the profile.

Profiles For Other Purposes

Beyond doors and windows, aluminium profiles are used for a multitude of purposes. Products available from manufacturers to be found here include...

Profiles for advertising hoardings - a profile for the manufacture of small sized, non-illuminated advertising hoardings and billboards. The system is designed to make it easy to install, and to change the advertising canvas using PVC tape or cable. The profile is generally supplied in lengths of around 6 meters, with a choice of finish effects.

Profiles for furniture - one noted use of aluminum profiles in furniture making is the production of units for sliding wardrobe doors. Rollers with ball bearings provide an easy sliding motion, and since the rollers are attached to the door they're not visible from either side of the frame.

Accessories For Aluminium Profiles

To make best use of the aluminium profiles you purchase, you'll need a range of accessories. Most if not all of these can be found through the aluminum profiles manufacturers and frame suppliers featured within this product platform...

Herringbone seals - are made of an elastic material, and used for temperature-shrink joints after working with seam cutters. They are usually manufactured from the eco-friendly elastic material Nitriflex.

Handles for aluminum profile doors and windows - your aluminum frame supplier may well offer handles in a variety of styles and finishes. You'll also find locks and hinges designed to be compatible with the profile of your choice.