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Window & Profile Systems Windows and profile systems nowadays are energy efficient and made from sustainable materials. Reflecting an ever-changing list of demands and specifications, a wide range of colours and styles is available.
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Products and Suppliers of Window and Profile Systems

  • Manual command galileo
    Manual command galileo

    Hardware system for coplanar sliding system, for larger scale glazing solutions providing optimal exposure to daylight and obstacle-free passage to exterior and no infiltration problems. With its many adjustable locking points, positioned on the adge, the

  • Films on glass
    Films on glass

    Decorative films are used to create the comfort required style of the room. With the film can be given a glass septum or one way full opacity.

  • Windows Renner
    Windows Renner

    Wooden window frames - a mandatory attribute of environmentally friendly home! If you aspire to a healthy lifestyle, you want to breathe freely and live comfortably, be sure to give preference to natural materials of the house.

  • Trims
    Balt Trade

    Trims the outer frame are used for windows, doors and corners, and give extra protection to these highly vulnerable areas. They go perfectly with any facades and create a harmonious contrast color, giving your home a finished look.

  • Euro-windows wooden
    Euro-windows wooden

    The State Enterprise "Belarustorg" produces wooden euro windows, won the "Best Construction Product of the Year - 2012" in the category "Window Product of the Year" and "Best Construction Product of the Year - 2013"

  • Warm window system КПТ74
    Warm window system КПТ74

    Intensive construction in Russia made aluminum rolled metal manufacturers create modern glazing systems. Among the first KP market system appeared, which for five years has been successfully used in Russia

  • MetroRoman®

    Profile MetroRoman refers to the Romanesque style. It has a special semicircular shape.

  • MetroCooper®

    Copper - a noble and durable roofing material. Collection Metrokuper for those who appreciate and understand the respectability of versatility and diversity of copper.

  • Aluminum window without thermo-insertion C 48
    Aluminum window without thermo-insertion C 48

    Represented window and door system without thermo-insertion With 48 - an aluminum system, which can be used for manufacturing do not require thermal insulation elements of architectural building (internal and external), for example, walls, windows, doors, etc.

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Window and Profile systems

Windows and profile systems nowadays are energy efficient and  made from sustainable materials. Reflecting an ever-changing list of demands and specifications, a wide range of colours and styles is available. 


Product performance relies on the quality and durability of its components. The window is not assembled at home, unlike most construction sets. There are many factors that can have an impact on the ready window quality.


3 Main Types of Window Systems

There are 3 main types of window systems: aluminium, PVC and wooden.


Aluminium window systems are utilised across a wide spectrum of construction and design projects. To ensure better resistance to external factors, aluminium profile systems are anodized, which gives them a distinctive metallic gloss. The application of coating and colour finishes gives designers free reign to personalise their projects.


One of the greatest advantages of aluminium window systems is that the latest innovations have made it possible for profiles to be assembled without machining, allowing for easy connectivity. Maximum flexibility, cost-efficiency and reliability are just a few of the benefits of aluminium systems. 


Pvc window systems are known to be the most energy-efficient varieties available, outperforming aluminium or wooden alternatives. Better insulation properties feeds into a higher level of energy efficiency. 


Common triple glazing can now be applied to old passive house windows. Older properties can fully benefit from using PVC profiles – ideal for renovations. These systems are among the easiest to maintain and represent the optimal long-term investment due their high energy saving potential.


As they use timber wooden window systems can be up to 20-30% more expensive than PVC equivalents. Regular maintenance, including varnishing and polishing, is required. 


However, many profiles now feature enhanced energy efficiency - double glazed units have the standard low E24 mm. Enhanced security requirements are also featured.


What to Consider When Choosing Window Profile Systems

When selecting window systems, style shouldn’t be the only consideration. Quality of materials, price and energy efficiency are essential. The perfect window systems are so well-balanced that they meet all technical and aesthetic requirements. 


The demand for more energy efficient and sustainable windows is growing. 100% recycled window systems are available for green building developments. 


Choosing the right materials is essential. Considering which manufacturer to go with is also an important step. The majority of window profile systems come as a ready product and can’t be remade or altered. Be sure that the chosen window system producer is using the correct materials and processes to deliver high quality, long lasting products.


Special features should also be considered, such as climate conditions, street noise, design and the way of opening - all of these characteristics will inform the choice of window used. 


Ideally, window profile systems should be durable, rigid, weather resistant, easy to open and close and insulated. Shape and thickness are also to be considered, as well as design and colour.