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  • OEM Products
    OEM Products

    Colcom manufactures OEM products along with door, shower and glass wall manufacturers and develops individual products. Thanks to the accumulated experience over 50 years of activity, and continuous innovation, the company has modern solutions and ideas for your projects.

  • Design Services
    Design Services
    IQ Facade / Trimo

    The Trimo Rus company offers services for the design of architectural structures using the products of the Trimo company. We will offer the most functional and economical solutions when discussing at the project development stage. In the design development architects, engineers, mechanics, static experts are involved.

  • Installation and operation
    Installation and operation
    IQ Facade / Trimo

    The Trimo company also provides installation services for our customers. You will receive detailed instructions and installation drawings, installation instructions, necessary equipment. A fast, safe and efficient installation is facilitated by specially designed technical equipment.

  • Ermenek Dam
    Ermenek Dam
    Adana Cement

    Adana Cement Projects .Details Of Concrete Used In The Project Total Amount of Concrete 250.000 mt

  • Modern Style Interior Design
    Modern Style Interior Design

    The modern style in the interior is the projection of ourselves, the reflection in the house of the basic principles on which the world functions today.

  • Vintage Style Interior Design
    Vintage Style Interior Design

    Vintage style peeps into the heart of objects have been created in different epochs and chooses the most special of them - the ones that are with history, that's why vintage interiors look so cozy and rustic, there are a lot of significant details in it.

  • Budget solution for 4* hotel
    Budget solution for 4* hotel

    Ideal Option (O41) for 4 *hotels with a modest budget. The solution includes a choice of floor and wall materials, as well as ceilings and textiles for various areas in the hotel.

  • Services on the organization of exhibitions
    Services on the organization of exhibitions
    WES Expo

    WesExpo offers full service for organizing exhibitions. The company follows the latest world trends, offers industry analytics and market innovations. We have a rich experience in serving exhibitors, integrated resources and effective planning and execution.

  • DDVR web-portal
    DDVR web-portal

    Thematic portal is dedicated to the construction of country houses. Portal is an online catalog of companies and services for the homeowner. Today the portal contains information of more than 200 companies.

  • Laser Cutting
    Laser Cutting

    Intecron offers laser metal processing services. Also, if necessary, we can provide related services (welding, bending, machining, powder painting).

  • Support of export of enterprises of Chuvashia
    Support of export of enterprises of Chuvashia
    Export Support Center of Chuvashia

    The Export Support Center of Chuvashia conducts a number of activities to support the export of the Chuvash Republic: conducting consultations on export issues, conducting market research, searching for potential partners for foreign companies and investors. The Center makes business plans for production activities, preparation of packages of documents, etc.

  •  Hi-Im-Press® Polygraphic printing
    Hi-Im-Press® Polygraphic printing
    City Print

    Hi-Im-Press® technology is designed to achieve the maximum concentration of product impressions. Hi-Im-Press® is a quality that gives an impression when a person can not only see something, but also touch it in all senses: tactile, emotionally, visually.

  • Vitoria Construction of Pods
    Vitoria Construction of Pods

    To have near your house a wonderful fountain, a waterfall or a garden pond, probably everyone dreams. Waterfalls, streams, fountains, ponds always harmoniously fit into the overall landscape design.

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