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Warehouse and transport logistics issues can all be worked out with the highly experienced and regarded service providers on WorldBuild365. Transportation & logistics services can be booked through WorldBuild365 - an online catalogue of service providers who can take & hold many kinds of goods.
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Choose the Best Warehouse Management System Available

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    Rusta Logistics

    Rusta offers residents a universal logistics complex, which allows for the effective storage and handling of both standard cargo on euro pallets and non-standard large cargo.

Warehouse and transport logistics issues can all be worked out with the highly experienced and regarded service providers on WorldBuild365. They can assist with transportation system management, and even provide perhaps the best warehouse management system around. These services are...

Designed to keep industrial vehicles in the best possible condition over a long period of time.

All-inclusive, and feature options for storing and transporting all different kinds of cargoes including food stuffs by land, sea, or air.

Delivered by cargo distribution specialists who’ve been working in the industry for years.

To find a transportation services provider who can fill a specific need, look below:

After Sales Services


After sales logistics services are reasonably priced and deliver incredible value by extending the lifespan of vehicles which have been used to transport goods, and are going to continue to be used for this purpose in the future. Any spare parts required to fix these vans, trucks, and cars will be supplied via a nationwide network. These components will then be fitted by trained mechanics who’re always readily available – the operators in question undergo training on an annual basis to make sure they’re up-to-date with all the latest techniques and products. What’s more, an after-service warranty will be provided to anyone who books.

Repairs of industry vehicles, post-transport vehicle repair fixes, and replacements of components in large transportation vehicles, can also be arranged through this online directory.

Warehouses and Tank Containers


Warehousing facilities services cover cargo consolidation, storage, and distribution. These cargoes can be of various types and will be stored in large complexes. When put in place the cargo will be assessed and then processed according to the current standards for that specific type of cargo. The organization of these materials will be performed using a high-end warehouse inventory management system – packing, marking, sorting, and loading pallets. If further information is required about a particular warehouse supply chain, the specific service provider should be contacted.

Tank containers services are ideal for the transportation of a wide assortment of liquid, liquid gas, and dry bulk cargoes. The approximately 15 000 containers used to complete these jobs range from those with a capacity of between 14 000 liters and 35 000 liters. They also feature steam and steam-electric heating systems.

Storage and warehousing, warehouse inventory control systems, warehouse system management, cargo storage, standard tank containers, renting of tank containers, hiring tank container drivers, and various other services can also be agreed through WorldBuild365.


The many logistics transportation companies on this site can offer...

Transportation systems and loading materials services for food and other cargoes. These transportation and logistics services are carried out with fast weighing machinery that'll ensure no materials are left behind.

Transportation logistics services are suitable for carrying not only passengers, but freight. In addition, they can be used for implementing industry supports which air, sea, land, and railways transport – these are truly comprehensive international transport logistics solutions.

Also available are international shipping and transport logistics services, freight and logistics companies, and services for the transport and logistics industry.