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The technical consultation services described on this page are truly comprehensive and include construction logistics services, specific project assistance, and more. Professional project assistance can be scheduled easily - just reach out to the most appropriate service provider featured on this site - WorldBuild365.

Arrange Construction Consulting Services and Further Help

  • Robotic

    CLEIA has already installed more than 300 robots in roofing tile and brick plants.

  • Industrial data processing
    Industrial data processing

    Originally dedicated to the bricks or roof tiles plant the computer data management systems PCCER and OpenCer ensure the user friendly operation control and management of the production site and the control of specific process like clay preparation, dryin

  • Project assistance
    Project assistance
    Moscow Design Center

    We provide assistance in developing technical paperwork. Work documents / Construction / Engineering Among our resources there are also qualified engineers, who are able to develop all the paperwork necessary for your projects.

  •  Consultation and Project Management
    Consultation and Project Management

    Consultation and Project Management You would like to get support with planning and implementation of your Cobiax voided flat slab? Don't worry - our associates will assist you during all project phases.

  • Resolution for the use of water
    Resolution for the use of water
    Sec Ecology

    Experts Sec Ecology perform all the necessary calculations of water consumption and wastewater, as well as interact with public authorities to obtain a permit for special use of water.

  • Trade fair services
    Trade fair services
    Arvelin International

    Through us, our customers can participate in international exhibitions, at either joint or individual stands. Joint stands offer companies the best visibility and location as well as delivering cost savings.

  •  Hi-Im-Press® Polygraphic printing
    Hi-Im-Press® Polygraphic printing
    City Print

    Hi-Im-Press® technology is designed to achieve the maximum concentration of product impressions. Hi-Im-Press® is a quality that gives an impression when a person can not only see something, but also touch it in all senses: tactile, emotionally, visually.

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The technical consultation services described on this page are truly comprehensive and include construction logistics services, specific project assistance, and more. These will help...

Promote a specific brand at exhibition and trade fair events.

Optimize production lines via the installation of robotics and high-end software.

Put quality first.

For further information about these static evaluation services look below:

Consultations and Logistics

Quickly search through a wide range of technical consultation services...

Consulting and logistics for construction projects involves full assistance with planning and finances throughout a strict process: the analysis of production process and ROI, planning for development, and design of business models and strategy implementations. What’s more, thanks to modern and innovative technologies, these construction consulting services can deliver optimum, customer oriented, and environmentally-friendly solution such as passive houses.

Online consultations can be delivered from anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night. This online support service is carried out by experienced technicians who have access to a complete database that contains a wide range of information related to interior design projects and more. These details are in the form of PDF catalogues, technical information, and specifications.

Quality certification consultation services cover the following areas: quality management of organizations and enterprises, labor protection and industrial safety, and ecological management systems.

Workplace safety consultations are designed to provide information and training to all workers at a specific business in order to prevent accidents occurring. They also include assessments of fire, manual handling, and lifting operation risks.

Workplace acoustics consultations include full assessments of noise exposure, environmental monitoring, and evaluations from an expert in the field of environmental acoustics.

Also available through WorldBuild365 is an online consultation service, manufacturing consultancy, consultations regarding noise in a business space, worker safety, safety measure consultancy, and assistance with workplace safety for employees.

Robotics, Data Processing, and Water and Project Management

Compare and contrast the services listed below...

Robotics services offer full solutions for using robots and incorporating them into a specific production line. This is done by using software capable of performing 3D cycle time simulations, designs for the construction of gripper robots, programming, installations, fine tuning, and maintenance. Training for using this software can also be provided.

Industrial data processing enables the user friendly operation of production sites such as those that prepare and dry clay. This monitoring system includes the necessary functions to both control and manage production, and can be integrated into the majority of software systems.

Water management services are carried out by professionals who can calculate the amount of water consumption and wastewater at a particular location. Following this they can provide support with documentation for well and drilling projects, current technological standards, as well as general coordination and support.

Project management services help to develop technical paperwork, work documents, and similar items that will allow a specific project to being implementation – cost, sustainability, and safety estimates.

The service providers featured in this directory also offer robotics consultancies, water project consultancies, clay production management consultancies, and production line consultancies.

Assistance With Trade Fairs

This covers...

Trade fair stand design and construction services have been designed for total personalization. Options include standard stands as well as the ability to hire experienced designers who can devise new stands which reflect particular corporate images. These trade fair services are performed using materials provided by a worldwide network of construction workers.

Trade fair and exhibition services can be used for both single, and joint stands in conjunction with other corporations. Assistance will be given throughout the process – which trade fair to choose, how to register, and where on the show floor to set up.

Similar services and experts that can be booked on this site are trade fair consultancies, help with trade fairs, and exhibition specialists.