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Find an appropriate premises located almost anywhere in the world quickly and effectively using their wide knowledge base and connections. Sourcing high quality homes for sale has never been easier now that WorldBuild365 lists a wide range of real estate companies & the properties they own.

Find Highly Regarded Companies and Their Real Estate Property Sites Here

  • Series M464-U1 houses
    Series M464-U1 houses

    Houses are being built in this series since 2002. A permanent modernization of the series. They have a 9-10-storey multi-sectional design.

  • Real estate service
    Real estate service

    DAMAC Properties, as a leading luxury real estate developer, strives to provide dream homes and unique living concepts to customers from all over the world.

  • Real estate
    Real estate

    in Russia and abroad

  • Series М111-90 houses
    Series М111-90 houses

    A series of is constantly improved since 1997. Current models are the 16 and 19 storey high-rise building with corner balconies.

  • The One hotel
    The One hotel
    The First Group

    Investments in real estate. Hotel project The ONE. Location in the most prestigious part of Dubai, Jumeirah Village Circle.

Real estate housing companies can...

Find an appropriate premises located almost anywhere in the world quickly and effectively using their wide knowledge base and connections.

Make sure that no overpricing occurs.

Assist with any paperwork to ensure a move goes through.

To learn more about these real estate companies and how they can help you buy a house or larger property, look below:

Real Estate Companies and What They Can Offer

Want to find homes for sale? Keep reading and find out exactly how real estate businesses can help...

Real estate services facilitate the identification and purchasing of properties. Most companies will allow the properties they own, or those are advertising on behalf of another seller, to be searched through via specially designed and maintained real estate property sites. This makes it simple to find houses online, as well as apartments, hotels, and so on.

Services run by real estate companies, help with finding real estate, assistance finding a home for sale, home for sale listings, and more can also be booked and found in this online directory.

The Types of Properties Available From These Companies

The following premises are just some of those normally found on the majority of real estate listings websites. They come under several different categories including, but not limited to, retail properties, industrial properties, and residential properties...

Residential houses come in many different shapes and sizes. This covers traditional, craftsman, country, European, ranch, farmhouse, cottage, modern, and Mediterranean styles. In fact, these very kinds of homes are some of the popular on the market in North America today.

Residential apartments that have incredible views and luxury features. These pieces of accommodation are suitable for individuals and small families. They can be found both on ground floors and as part of larger blocks and skyscrapers.

Industrial warehouses are ideal for a large number of different needs and can function as storage spaces, places for manufacturing, and much more.

Commercial hotels and their individual rooms can all be bought as pieces of real estate. They’ll offer great value for money over a long period of time.

Houses for sale, apartments for sale, warehouses for sale, hotels for sale, commercial real estate, industrial real estate, residential real estate, multi-family residential properties, large residential properties, large industrial properties, and large commercial properties are also available from the companies you can often find listed on this site.

The Worldwide Destinations in Which These Properties are Located

On real estate selling websites, properties can be purchased from all around the world...

European pieces of real estate are located in some of the most well-known and visited countries in the world, including France and Italy. These prime locales offer excellent climates and fantastic construction values.

African pieces of real estate cover both the south and the north of the continent, and there are many opportunities to be had.

American pieces of real estate don’t just include properties in the North American states but those in South American countries too, such as Brazil and Argentina.

Asian pieces of real estate are found in Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and other similar locales. Despite limited land availability, the real estate market in Asia is booming and still going strong despite the recent financial crisis.

Australian pieces of real estate include properties in lush suburbs and coastal areas. Several estate professionals – some of whom you can find on WorldBuild365 – can assist in purchasing real estate in this difficult market.

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