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Providers of maintenance services including, but not limited to, the chemical cleaning of heat exchangers – this covers not only heat exchanger tube cleaning, but plate cleansing, and more – can be sourced on WorldBuild365. The service providers listed in WorldBuild365's comprehensive directory can perform tasks such as plate heat exchanger maintenance, installation, & more.

Book High Pressure Drain Cleaning and Other Services

  • Service

    Service of the plastic processing equipment (guarantee, post-guarantee). Experts will carry out diagnostics and will carry out repair of the Chinese plastic processing equipment, will provide with spare parts, will help "to agree" with electronics.

  • Reconstruction

    Offered by RECTOR covering is the ideal solution for renovation of existing buildings.

  • Cleaning of drains
    Cleaning of drains

    It is used for the high concentration of organic contaminants.

  • Brainwave Signages
    Brainwave Signages

    Different types of produced and fabricated signages – are all part of Brainwave's offering to their esteemed customers.

  • SKD Repair and service equipment
    SKD Repair and service equipment
    SKD Auto

    SKD Auto is Your reliable partner who will not only deliver spare parts, but also provide maintenance and repair of machinery of all the leading brands of manufacturers.

  • 100 Basseinov Maintenance of Swimming Pools
    100 Basseinov Maintenance of Swimming Pools
    100 Basseinov

    The service department is engaged in setting up and commissioning of the installed equipment for the pool, guarantee maintenance of the equipment for the pool, conservation for the winter period, the re-opening of the pool in the spring.

  • Solar Panels Maintenance Service
    Solar Panels Maintenance Service
    BMS Solar

    An important condition for the proper operation and return on investment invested in the construction of a solar power plant is regular maintenance of solar panels and other elements of the system.

  • Services on the organization of exhibitions
    Services on the organization of exhibitions
    WES Expo

    WesExpo offers full service for organizing exhibitions. The company follows the latest world trends, offers industry analytics and market innovations. We have a rich experience in serving exhibitors, integrated resources and effective planning and execution.

  • Stacking Equipment StEco
    Stacking Equipment StEco

    Compact and noiseless bokhilomashina StEco. Does not require daily settings. It can be used in clinics, hospitals, cosmetology centers and spas, fitness and sports clubs and other public places with increased requirements for cleanliness.

Providers of maintenance services including, but not limited to, the chemical cleaning of heat exchangers – this covers not only heat exchanger tube cleaning, but plate cleansing, and more – can be sourced on WorldBuild365. These services are...

Performed by experts who’ve been properly trained and qualified.

Carried out using high-end equipment.

Completed in the shortest possible time span.

For more information about the jobs which can be done like high pressure drain cleaning, look below:

Heat System Maintenance

This covers jobs which need to be carried out by experienced professionals, such as plate heat exchanger maintenance:

Heat exchanger maintenance services are ideal for when both organic and inorganic deposits are formed in a heat exchanger of almost any given type – shell and tube, plate, plate and frame, and much more. It’s recommended that these services are carried out on a regular basis so that the exchanger in question is always properly flushed and clean.

Heat energy meter installation and maintenance services will reduce overall costs. This is because once fitted, an in-built heat meter will accurately measure the consumed quantity of thermal energy in a property. This prevents the need for an on-site heat meter reading by a professional. However, these services don’t have to be about installations. If needed, they can be focused on repairs and general maintenance of a previously fitted heat energy meter.

Heat system flushing services involve special techniques for cleansing the inner walls of pipelines of many different kinds. These methods are wide ranging and include dispersion, chemical, hydraulic, hydro-pneumatic, and other measures – the particular technique chosen for a specific job will depend both on the level of contamination and the features of the pipeline system that needs to be flushed.

Similar services that can also be booked through this online directory include plate heat exchanger cleaning, proper heat exchanger maintenance, fittings of heat meters, heat system cleaning, pipeline cleans, and pipe maintenance.

Repair, Reconstruction, and Renovation Services

Found in this subcategory are:

Plastic processing equipment repair services are carried out by experts who can perform diagnostics and fixes. Upon booking of this service a consultation will be completed. This allows the team to determine if any specific components are necessary – a large warehouse of spare parts allows them to find almost any parts quickly. After the work is done a post-service guarantee will be provided.

Reconstruction services include the installation of systems that reduce the load on existing walls and ceilings. They'll be installed manually and mounted on or two different supports. If needed, systems without supports can be fitted using special beams.

Comparable jobs that can be completed by the specialists on this site cover plastic computer equipment fixes, ceiling and wall fixes, wall and ceiling renovation works, and plastic PC repairs.

Drain Maintenance Services

Sewer and drain cleaning is just one of the specialized jobs that can be arranged through this comprehensive catalogue:

Drain cleaning services will neutralize potentially harmful substances in wastewater – it doesn’t matter how high the concentration of organic contaminants is. These drain maintenance operations are suitable for industrial buildings used for milk, meat, alcohol, wine, sugar, and confectionary processing.

Technicians can also perform drain maintenance treatment, cleaning of drains, sewer fixes, and wastewater treatments.