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Goods transported in bulk by ship, train, truck, or aircraft must be handled with care and efficiency. Comprehensive lists of air freight services, freight shipping & international freight carriers can be sourced at WorldBuild365 - a product directory to trust
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Use Trusted International Freight Carriers

  • Express Delivery
    Express Delivery

    It's one of our main expertise. We're on of the most experienced Transport Companies that deals with cargo delivery and distribution by small-capacity trucks. We have more than 15 years of experience on this field. We can deliver many sorts of goods on these trucks, such as: Fragile goods, Dangerous (ADR) goods, Expensive goods with top load or any other you desire for.

  • Groupage (LTL) Cargo
    Groupage (LTL) Cargo

    "AV" provides LTL transportation services which allow customer companies to receive small cargo consignments with the maximum delivery speed and optimal transportation costs.

  •  ​OverSize Cargo
    ​OverSize Cargo

    AV's competence enable us to precisely develop the transportation methods - Creating delivery scheme, planning detailed directions, receiving appropriate permissions and even dismantling road infrastructure.

  • Dangerous Cargo (ADR)
    Dangerous Cargo (ADR)

    The delivery of dangerous goods is one of our specialties, we have quite good experience on this field as we're organising these deliveries since 2008. We're prepared to take most challenging logistics situations. The current licence permits "AV" has, enable us to carry Dangerous (ADR) Cargo with following classes: 2 , 3 , 4.1, 4.2 , 4.3 , 5.1 , 5.2 , 6.1 , 8 , 9

Goods transported in bulk by ship, train, truck, or aircraft must be handled with care and efficiency.

Logistical solutions must be provided for secure, efficient services.

Realistic objectives need to be achieved for any load, going anywhere.

Dedicated teams with years of experience will be employed.

Use the online directory here at WorldBuild365 to source sea fright services, international freight shipping companies, air freight services, and get access to many more freight and transport services...

International Operations

Shipping and transportation expertise

International shipping services provide the best combination of price, quality of service, and transit time. By using a trusted company when you're shipping air freight the benefits of global trade will be maximized. Any paperwork will be taken care of, and any and all rules and regulations will be explained. See detailed lists of international sea freight services here on our digital platform.

International cargo operations are performed by professional drivers with extensive experience in international systems. Services like this, from trustworthy international freight companies, are provided from door to door, and are efficient and cost-effective. Transport needs will be assessed, and various factors taken into account – business requirements, destination country, and the types of goods to be exported or imported.

Specialist Transport Services

For road freight services that go the extra mile

Dangerous cargo deliveries are one of the specialist services provided. The safety and reliability of the delivery is guaranteed by the use of a modern truck fleet – none of the trucks are more than three years old – driven by a team of specialists holding International ADR licences. Full control is taken over all operations, with compliance to applicable regulations made a priority. Appropriate permissions will be obtained to achieve effective delivery.

Oversize cargo deliveries are provided by employees and drivers who are fully conversant with the specific laws for this type of carriage. A delivery scheme will be created, followed by the development of the transportation methods. Detailed directions will be planned, and appropriate permissions applied for. If any road infrastructure needs to be dismantled, this will also be taken care of.

Road and Air Transportation

Express delivery is offered by one of the most experienced freight companies in the world. Delivery and distribution of fragile, dangerous, and expensive goods is achieved by small capacity trucks. Shipment paperwork is simple, and provides fast customs clearance systems. Transportation can be made to Eastern and Western Europe, the Baltics, and Scandinavia - get more details here on WorldBuild365.

Road transportation covers a full range of services which can be booked through reputable freight brokers. Any type of cargo can be transported, including those with special temperature level conditions in refrigerated containers, delivery of liquid cargoes in tank containers, and delivery of cargoes in tent covered trailer trucks. Cargoes are all insured, and survey services provided.

Road transporting services also make provision for the delivery of pavilions on low-bed trucks, which are specially prepared to take the goods already assembled. To guarantee no damage the tilt trucks have side loading, side awnings, side flaps, and removable uprights. The body of the vehicle is finished with protective materials that protect the pavilions during the journey.

Air transportation is available from international air freight forwarders for cargoes that need fast transportation. Survey services and cargo insurance are on hand. The organization of air transportation through main airports is provided, alongside additional road transportation as required.

Container transportation covers the delivery and transportation of cargoes in containers of all types, including those that require special transportation conditions. Clients will be kept informed about the movements of their cargoes, and the processing of all required documents will be taken care of. The service covers organization of the containers to and from the port, with consolidation, storage, and distribution, alongside warehousing services.

Administration Services

Administrative assistance when needed.

Customs-brokerage services offer complex customs clearance assistance in the form of professionally completed customs formalities. They’ll assist with obtaining permits, certificates, and with preliminary calculations of customs duties, and import and export duties. Care will be taken of customs clearance expenses, representation and protection of clients’ interest, and any other governmental or licensing procedures.

Transaction support within the framework of the services will be provided for translation, procurement of goods, and quality control. Control of shipping and all relevant costs will be provided. See the options here on our business platform for full details.